Wireless Support

ACC WiFi is available for all faculty and staff.  It is also available for students that are enrolled for the current semester. ACCeID is required to log into the wireless network. ACCeID Help

Please review the Guidelines for the Appropriate and Responsible Use of Electronic Resources.

Instructions for Other Operating Systems and Versions

Some of the instructions was written for students. For any step that list Student, please select Faculty/Staff.


Android Devices

First select “ACC Start Here” connection from available wireless connections menu on your device.

Note: During setup, a security warning may display requesting permission to install a certificate. Click Yes when prompted.

A screen should open that reads “Ruckus Simply Better Wireless”, if not please go to following url: http://svccp.austincc.edu/ You will be greeted by similar screen below.

Rukus Wireless setup instructions 1

Read and accept “Terms & Conditions” then click Start.

Rukus Wireless setup instructions 2

You will be redirected to screen below. Select “ACC Users”

Rukus Wireless setup instructions 3

After selecting “ACC Users” enter your ACCeID and password on login screen and press “Continue”.

Rukus Wireless setup instructions 4

Here you will select which option applies to you.

Rukus Wireless setup instructions 6

Wireless connection instructions are based on your device operating system. Follow steps presented. *Be aware that some devices may require more steps that others. If you get stuck during setup please contact ACC Tech at 512-223-8324.

Rukus Wireless setup instructions 7

During instructions, you may be required to download Cloudpath application based on device. If prompted please Allow and press Ok to continue.

Rukus Wireless setup instructions 8

A screen similar (may vary in look) to below letting you know the changes that will be made to your device displays. Tap Continue/Install.

Rukus Wireless setup instructions 9

Once certificate(s) are installed, your device is now configured to access the ACC-Secure network.

Now you should be connected to ACC-Secure

  • After installing the profile, you may still have to join the ACC-Secure network. To do this:
  • Open the Settings app.
  • In the network connections settings, verify that the Wi-Fi switch is set to On.
    Tap Wi-Fi.
  • In the list of Wi-Fi networks, tap ACC-Secure if it is not connected. In the ACC-Secure dialog box, tap Connect.

Rukus Wireless setup instructions 10

Note: The CloudPath application can be deleted after successful installation on all platforms.