Ordering Information - Cabling and Phone Requests

Cabling Request

ACCNet has adjusted the procedure to request a new network/phone port installation in a room or office area. Please follow the directions below when placing a request:

  • Request a site survey for the work required. Please visit the Mojo Work Order Form and include any relevant information (the number of connections requested, floor/wall mount, etc.)
  • Our in-house cabling technician will visit and determine if the job can be completed internally or will need to be subcontracted.
  • After agreeing on the work to be done, if subcontracting is necessary contact the ACC-approved vendor, BryComm (General Manager: Cory Brymer, phone number 512-712-4008). Brycomm will provide a scope of work and cost for the cabling to your department.
  • BryComm will schedule a date/time for the work to be performed. Please also include IT in the scheduling so our cabling technician can oversee the project to ensure all new work is compliant with ACC standards.


Phone Request

To replace a working phone or install an extra phone for existing personnel positions, we have the Cisco 8811 ($421.35; supports up to five lines). To purchase a new phone:

  • Visit the Budget Transfer Request Form and transfer the amount quoted to GL Account 10-7-14000-6701-00 (ACCNet Services Maintenance Account). Once done, you will receive a copy of the transfer for your records.
  • Please forward the copy of the receipt to Jodie Scherer and/or Donald Wright.
  • A technician will visit the location to install the new phone.