Austin Community College.Adjunct Faculty Survey


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Austin Community College.Adjunct Faculty Survey

The Survey

Survey Respondents


Survey Respondents the Typology (Q14, p.2/9). # %

Additional Work-related Characteristics

Gender and Ethnicity

Distribution by Age

Distribution by Academic Credential

Length of Time Teaching at ACC

Number of Semester Credit Hours Teaching Fall 1997

ACC Adjunct Income as a .Percent of Family Income

Employer-Sponsored Benefits

Comparison by Dean - Transfer.(Includes Developmental areas)

Comparison by Dean - Workforce

Demographic Comparison

Education and Experience

Length of Time at ACC

Full-time Employment

Day-time Instruction

Want to be Full-time ACC Faculty

Teaching Load

Income and Benefits

Involvement at ACC


Those Who Want to .Teach Full-Time


Employment Status. Of the 255 (multiple responses allowed):

Teaching Area

Length of Time

Teaching Load


Author: Office for Institutional Effectiveness