From: Nancy Jokovich []
Sent: Friday, November 19, 2004 3:30 PM
To: 'Soon Merz'
Subject: 2004 Internal Customer Survey Improvement Process
As many of you are aware, this has been a year of transition for a number of processes around the college.  As we looked at the improvement cycle generated by the Internal Customer Survey, the goal was to integrate this process into existing processes, such as U-LEAD and the Master Plan process.  While we were not able to fully met that goal, we have designed a process that can provide inputs to U-LEAD and the Master Plan.
The 2004 ICS Improvement Process will have four steps, as listed below with their deadlines. 

2004 ICS Improvement Process


STEP 1:  Identify specific areas of dissatisfaction. Why are ACC internal customers dissatisfied with your service, attitude, or promptness?

HOW will you do this?  Gather additional data from ACC college departments through questionnaires, surveys, evaluations, focus groups, etc. and solicit suggestions for improvement

Due Date:  1/14/05


STEP 2:  Determine approach to address the issues identified.  How will you address the concerns of ACC internal customers?    

HOW will you do this?  Review customer suggestions and discuss possible solutions within the department to determine possible approaches to ACC employee concerns. 

Due Date:  2/15/05


STEP 3:  Prepare and carry out an action plan.  What will you do to address the concerns of ACC internal customers? 

HOW will you do this?  Develop a task list with measurements and targets, timeline, continued evaluation process, and outcome.  Determine who will be responsible for carrying out the solutions.

Plan Due:  2/15/05

Implement through: 5/1/05


STEP 4:  Evaluate the effectiveness of the action plan.  How well did you address the concerns of ACC internal customers? 

HOW will you do this?  Review the results of the actions against the established targets.  If results did not meet targets, undergo problem-solving to determine causes.  If results met targets, conduct a follow-up survey or focus group to determine whether internal customers’ needs are being met.

Due Date:  6/1/05

Attached are a sample office's response to these steps and a blank improvement form that you can use to report the progress of your improvement process.  Please note that the first deadline is January 14. 
We acknowledge that this improvement cycle is short.  If the results of Step 1 indicate a major change is needed in your operations and can not be completed by May 15, indicate that in Step 2.  List the action plan in Step 3 and your progress in Step 4.  Otherwise, implement and then evaluate the improvement in Step 4.
Some of you have started improvements based on the results of the ICS.  If your completed efforts will not fit into these four steps, please contact me.
If you have any questions or need some help getting started with Step 1, please contact me at x3-7606 or   We have a number of resources in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness that can assist you in getting started.
Nancy Jokovich
Manager, Quality Initiatives
Office of Institutional Effectiveness