Labor Market Information

OIRA provides labor market reports, analyses, and consulting services to faculty, staff, and administrators. Our goal is to help you leverage local and regional labor market information, to ensure that ACC instructional programs are

  • meeting the needs of the local economy,
  • contributing to the goals of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board 60X30TX plan,
  • addressing the Skills Gap, Skills Shortage, or Skills Mismatch in the regional and local economy.

Labor Market reports are developed and driven primarily by the standard BLS data structures and hierarchy. The work conducted within OIRA takes the standardized hierarchical reporting structures and blends them into usable, understandable, and informative reports.

Materials relevant to our LMI work are available by clicking on the tabs above.

LMI Reports & Data - This tab provides reports with labor supply or demand data associated with ACC instructional programs and the occupations targeted. Included are a group of gap analyses created in October 2019 for most of the college's associate’s degree programs, and a collection of Occupational Overview reports, one for each Area of Study, created in January 2020.

Research Studies & Articles - This tab provides research studies, articles, reports and other documents that identify labor market trends in the region and nationally.

Crosswalks & Resources -  This tab provides weblinks to reference documents which include:

  1. Crosswalks between instructional program codes and occupational codes;
  2. Federal Resources including links to Consumer Price Index (CPI) data, and other national sources of economic and population data;
  3. Statewide Resources of labor market data;
  4. Other Resources which include a link to a living wage calculator;
  5. Community Tapestry, an interactive dashboard developed by ESRI, which provides a detailed view of neighborhoods in America, classified by demographic and socioeconomic characteristics.

Training -  This tab provides training on specific topics on labor market information. Training includes ACC presentations and training materials provided by state or federal agencies.