ACC Fall Forum 2016 Flyer

When: Friday 11/18/2016 (8:30am - 4:30pm)

Where: Eastview Campus Room # 8500

Agenda: 2016 Fall Forum Agenda

Photo Gallery: Coming Soon

The Fall Forum is designed to provide an opportunity for participants to imagine and explore what the future might bring, and how they might prepare ACC to address those trends. By exploring the possibilities that might exist in the future, we hope participants will become intrigued and begin doing their own research on the trends that may affect ACC.

The theme of the Fall Forum is "The Next Generation". Building on a foundation of the trends identified in the book by Gary Marx, 21 Trends for the 21st Century, we hope to guide participants in exploring the opportunities of the future environment for work, technology, and lifestyle. We will also look at the future students who will be attending ACC in the future. They are already engaged in creating the future. . These students are the next generation of students, and they will have vastly different learning styles, knowledge, skills, and abilities than today's students. They will be seeking education and training for jobs that have not been designed. And they will have expectations of ACC that have not been anticipated.

We will start the day with a keynote from author, Gary Marx, guiding us through his vision of the 21 trends for the 21st century, covering changes in the demographics, technology, economics, energy and environment, international and global, education and learning, public and personal leadership, and well-being spheres.

We will be introduced to elementary school students, who are ACC's next generation of students, and learn about new technological and knowledge competencies they are developing today.

We will hear from ACC's Biotechnology department on how they are creating today the new programs, relationships, and approaches that will be designed to meet the needs of ACC's next generation of students.

We will also hear about wearable technology and the biohacking movement. These technologies are being developed right here in Austin and ACC could have a role in preparing students to work in these industries.

So, please join us for a day of exploration into the world of our next generation.