ACC Fall Forum 2016 Flyer

When: Friday 11/3/2017 (8:00am - 4:00pm)

Where: Eastview Campus Room # 8500

Agenda: 2017 Fall Forum Agenda

Innovation via Makerspace learning
Elementary students panel discussion

Maker Space - Learning, Teaching, Engaging
The ACC Library Services "BatLab" helped inform us about what the term MakerSpace is, and how we can engage our students with the theories taught in the space to develop the "creative minset"

"The Guadaloop"
The Texas Guadaloop is a diverse group of men and women disrupting the current transportation ecosystem. They have designed, built and tested a Hyperloop pod that levitates utilizing air bearing technology.  (

Teaching Innovation and Learning - "What's Next"
William Hurley commonly known as "Whurley", is an American entrepreneur and the founder of Chaotic Moon Studios, Honest Dollar, and Equals: The Global Partnership for Gender Equality in the Digital Age.

"I've been using systems theory and open source to create innovative technologies my entire career. I believe leveraging technology to solve our problems, not just as consumers but as citizens, is the most exciting and noble challenge we face." (

Table Topics