Graduate Follow-Up Survey Results - An analysis of the survey responses to the graduate follow-up survey and trends in outcomes for ACC graduates for six semesters combined.
Graduate Follow-Up Survey for AY2017. (PDF; 2106KB)
AY 2011 - AY 2014 (PDF; 1830KB)
Fall 2008 - Summer 2010 (PDF; 1116KB)
Fall 2006 - Summer 2008 (PDF; 794KB)
Fall 2004 - Summer 2006 (PDF; 826KB)

Graduate Survey Giveaway Winners
Graduate Survey Giveaway Winner 2016

Workforce Outcomes
2001-2002 Graduates (PDF, 23 KB)
2000-2001 Graduates (PDF, 19 KB)
1999-2000 Graduates (PDF, 19 KB)
1998-1999 Graduates (PDF, 20 KB)
1997-1998 Graduates (PDF, 20 KB)
1996-1997 Graduates (PDF, 12 KB)

Graduate Follow-Up Survey Results by Program for 1997-2001 - These program-specific pages display the total number of graduates responding to the survey, the number of program graduates responding and their responses to each item on the survey for each of the past five years.

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