What is ACCHaoS?

We are Austin Community College Hands-on Science, a traveling hands-on science program from Austin Community College's Physics program. We believe that students learn by doing, so all of our exhibits are hands-on and appropriate for K-8th grade students (although older people enjoy them too!) More info....

ACCHaoS can come to your school! We can set up our exhibits in your school and work with small groups of children to explore and learn about science. Our exhibits include explorations in light, magnetism, air pressure, waves and sound, and electricity. How to contact us....

Our Exhibits

Here are just some of our cool interactive exhibits!!

Handy Presure - an activity


What Happens During a School Visit?

We arrive at your school and set up a variety of interactive science exhibits. The students come in groups to a mostly unstructured atmosphere where they can experiment, try, learn, explore and observe, and have fun! More info....


Contact Us

To ask about our program, or to schedule a school visit, visit our Contact Us page.