Paul talking to students

What is ACCHaoS?

ACCHaoS stands for Austin Community College Hands-On Science, a hands-on traveling science program. (ACCHaoS) is a fledgling entity created by Dr. Paul Williams, professor of Physics at Austin Community College.  He took a year-long sabbatical to get involved in the Little Shop of Physics outreach program based out of Colorado State University, and brought those ideas back to ACC to create a similar outreach program based here in Austin. 

Our mission is to help get the message across to our kids that science is fun and that anyone can do it.  We want them to see that there is science involved in everything we do.  Most of all, we keep our displays simple and uncomplicated with the goal of encouraging a child to think "Hey, I can make that myself."  We don't do shows and demos; we want them to explore, touch, and do it themselves.


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