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"The Elder Sister", William Bouguereau 
Museum of Fine Art, Houston Texas

Introduction to the Visual ARTS 1301
Open Campus / Distance Learning

Note:  Instructors in the Art Department do not have the authority to allow students into sections that have filled, to reserve spaces for students, or to get involved with the registration process in any way.

Distance Education courses require students to excercise self discipine, use good time management, make use of college resources when needed and to have reliable Internet access to complete coursework online.

All coursework is accessed through BlackBoard, this includes all quizzes and exams.
Some tests must be taken in a Testing Center.

Required Orientation.

DL students must complete an orientation to begin a Distance Learning class.
Graded Orientation Activities are due the first week of class.

Some course activities include:

    * All required Orientation Activities
    * Reading Chapters 1-23
    * Chapter review quizzes 1-23
    * Midterm Chapter Review Chapters 1-13
    * Final
Chapter Review Chapters 14-22
    * Critiquing Art through writing ( ie blogging, journaling, discussions )


Resources for distance learning student success:

    * BlackBoard Support

    * ACC Tutoring Labs and Computer Labs:

    * ACC Help Desk - (512) 223-4636

    * Distance Learning Free Tutoring On-Line - SMARTHINKING (

    * Distance Learning Help Line - (512) 223-8026

Learn about ACC distance learning and valuable student resources:  and  

Instructor home office hours:

    * Monday - Friday 6-8pm.

Email and phone calls returned during office hours. **Email is best for Instructor.

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