April 21, 2006

NRG 4120

1:00 pm




Announcements:  Full-time faculty may teach one course in disciplines outside of their own.  Jeff Abbot will speak to the students from the Triangle classes at RVS.


SASA:  The outcome is pending since there is a new chair at the helm

Summer Scholars Bridge Program:  Patricia Dungan and Julie Wauchope are developing a summer bridge program as requested by Donetta Goodall.  The purpose is to help those students that may be a few points away from exiting reading and writing on TCOM.

Government Prerequisite:  The new prerequisite for government states that students must past English Comp I before they take the government course.  Therefore, Developmental Communications will no longer offer the paired courses in Reading and Government.

Future Task Force Meetings:  September 22, 2006 at RVS