August 20, 2003
Riverside Campus
Room 9110
3:30 -- 5:00 pm


Announcements -- Recognitions
        Information provided to all members regarding the items below by the chair of the group.

Information Items

Three faculty members ran for the Department Chair of Developmental Communications: Patricia Dungan, Stacey Thompson, and Dolores Segura.  The  outcome of the election:  Dolores Segura was elected Task Force Chair.

All faculty members were given copies of the Texas Success Initiative law that replaces TASP, the rules from THECB, and a comparison chart outlining the differences of the two programs.  Mary Leonard was appointed chair of the TSI task force and she asked the reading and writing committees to review the information on the placement charts and send her the information by the following Monday.  ACC rules must be in place by November 1.

Adjunct faculty representatives were announced and Vonnye Gardner was added to the list of representatives.

Assistant Department Chairs for the academic year are:  Mary Leonard, Frank Cronin, Laura Ore, and Cathy J. Smith.

CCE/CCA coordinators for the fall and spring were announced and the information was sent to the THEA coordinator, Sonia Koener.

The Task Force chair announced that portfolios are required again.  The Dean's office will provide the names of the faculty members who are required to complete the portfolio.  All portfolios must be sent to Dolores Segura at RVS by the deadline.

Once again, full time faculty will be required to complete 12 hours and adjunct faculty will be required to complete 4 hours.

Master Syllabi on web

Individual Faculty syllabus

Faculty were asked to review the spring schedule and send the task force chair their spring course assignment requests.

Discussion Items

AD HOC Committees

This committee is on "hold" until we receive further information from the AVP of Academic Programs.

Developmental Reading and Developmental Writing are required to complete another program review by December 2003

Committee Reports

Department Meetings -- Future department meetings are listed below