August 23, 2002
NRG 4119


  • New faculty members were introduced and welcomed to Austin Community College
  • Deanna Johnson, Developmental Writing, Brian Yansky, Developmental Writing, Judy Hubble, Developmental Reading
NADE 2003 Update
  • Committee members were introduced and Mary Leonard reported that several committees were working on tours, foods, entertainment, and general local hospitality.  More information would be available after the September 21, 2002 meeting with the NADE Board and Conference Chair.
  • Three hotels: Radison, Crown Royale (Sheraton), and the Hyatt Regency were approved as the convention hotels.  Most of the Conference sessions would be held at the Austin Convention Center.
Research Effectiveness Measures
  • Three sets research reports were given to the Task Force members to read and review for the next meeting.  These reports will be discusses at the November meeting.
CCE/CCA Procedures
  • The CCE/CCA procedures were handed out to the CCE/CCA faculty members and a book with forms, contracts, and syllabi is available for reading and writing CCE/CCA faculty to use.
CCE/CCA Discussion -- one hour vs. three hour course
  • The task force recommended that three-hour courses be available for all students.  One-hour courses may be used for those students who completed remediation but did not pass TASP on the retake and have exhausted their B or better option.
Developmental Communications Students Withdrawal
  • Faculty should continue to withdraw students who are not in compliance with their withdrawal policy.  If a student is not progressing in the class, the faculty member should discuss the situation with the CCE/CCA faculty to see what is the best option for the student.
Developmental Communications Initiatives
  • During this academic year, our focus will be to review the outcomes and effectiveness of our reading, writing, and study skills initiatives.
CCE/CCA Coordinators -- Information Item Only
  • PIN -- Cheryl Engle
  • CYP -- Andrea Clark
  • EVC -- Stacey Thompson
  • RGC -- Patti Dungan
  • NRG -- Mary Leonard
  • RVS -- Dolores Segura
  • Assessment and Advising
  • Sibyl Noack and Patti Dungan presented the new Writing Placement Chart.  The Reading Placement Chart remained the same.
  • Reading
  • Cathy Smith reported that the first meeting of the semester was being held on August 23, 2002 immediately following the Task Force Meeting.
  • Writing
  • Laura Ore reported that the writing faculty met during the summer and their first meeting of the semester was scheduled.
  • Budget
  • Mary Leonard reported that we had a slight decrease in our hourly money and if everyone reduced his or her hourly use by one hour every week our money would last until the end of the semester.
Course Reassignments/Release Time Approval
  • Dean Fluker has not advised us on whether or not our request for a course release has been approved.
Developmental Communications Task Force meeting dates
  • November 8, 2002 -- HBC 410-- 1:00 pm
  • January 10, 2002 -- EVC -- 1:00 pm
  • March 23, 2003 -- TBA
  • April 25, 2003 -- TBA
Meeting adjourned at 3:00 PM