Developmental Communications Task Force

August 23, 2007
HBC 301.7
4:00 pm to 6:00 pm





      Dolores Segura




  • Conferences
  • Spring Schedule full time names needed
  • Fall Schedule -- cancelled classes



  • Assessment and Advising
  • Budget and Textbooks


  Julie Wauchope, Caryn Newburger and Mary Leonard


Summer Bridge Program report for reading and writing classes


      Mary Leonard


New Statement regarding withdrawals and copier codes


      Dolores Segura


Withdrawals prior to the census day and New THECB rule regarding a maximum of six withdrawals for all students


      Mary Leonard


THEA rules and Donetta Goodall's recent meeting


      Mary Leonard


Writing and Reading Curriculum Committee report and date for future meetings


      Julie Wauchope and Laura Ore


New Data Collection ideas -- success rates


      Mary Leonard and Dolores Segura


IP's and I's status regarding success