August 24, 2000

HBC 107

9:00 am to 11:15 am




Agenda Item Discussion Action
Agenda Welcome Introduction, review of materials in packet
  • Dolores Segura welcomed the members of the task force and introduced new faculty members
  • The four assistant task force chairs are:  Mary Leonard, Frank Cronin, Maggi Miller and Laura Ore
Minutes Review of procedures, guidelines, developmental plan, budget, evaluation process, professional development Dolores shared information to all faculty regarding procedures and guidelines.  The task force members discussed the developmental education plan and then spend time discussing different scenarios or situations affecting students that are required to take developmental education
Break out sessions The members attended on of three sessions:  Reading faculty teaching paired courses, writing faculty, and reading faculty The faculty discusses curriculum issues and teaching methodologies
Announcements Communications Area Meeting Room 107 HBC 6:00 pm -- 8:30 pm  
Next Meeting Friday October 6, 2000 HBC  
Meeting Adjourned 11:30 am Faculty lunch reception followed the meeting