January 13, 2000

HBC 107

8:30 am to 11:00 am




Members present:

Andrea Clark, Frank Cronin, Anne Dunn, Cheryl Engle, Mary Leonard, Dorothy Martinez, Maggi Miller, Sibyl Noack, Dolores Segura, Hazel Ward, Anne Ward, Caryn Newburger, Tina McGaughey, Stacey Thompson, Mary Tavcar, Cathy Smith, Ann Palmer, Pattie Dungan, Shirley Melcher.

Agenda Item Discussion Action


Approval of Agenda for January 13, 2000


Motion:  Agenda approved as written




Minutes from November 1999 were presented


Motion:  Minutes approved as written


NADE Certification



Dolores Segura distributed a copy from the president of NADE, Martha Casazza, to Commissioner Brown. The letter outlined the NADE certification process.


Sibyl Noack will call NADE and get certification requirements.


Professional Conference Presentations


Ann Palmer, Frank Cronin, and Maggi Miller shared conference information with the task force members


Enrollments for Spring 00



Task force members reviewed current enrollments and made recommendations on classes to cancel before the add/drop period.


Dolores Segura will review the recommendations and forward them to Dr. Ward for her approval


Professional Development Hours



Task Force members reviewed the process from the Faculty Development Office on Professional Development hours for adjunct members


Adjunct faculty will send the Task Force Chair their professional development hours.  The Task Force Chair will send them to the office of Professional Development by the deadline


Adjunct faculty task force members hours for payment


Task Force Chair will review adjunct faculty representatives to the task force for payment


Task force chair will send the necessary forms to the Executive Vice President in April





Faculty members who are mentors for Developmental Communications must undergo training through the Faculty Development Office


Mentors need to schedule training with FDO



Next meeting March 24, 2000