January 6, 2004
EVC 3154G
1:00 - 3:00 pm




Please read the White Paper.  Please bring comments on White Paper.


Announcements Dolores Segura 5 Min
White Paper Deanna Johnson 20 Min
Appropriations Rider 50 Mary Leonard 10 Min
  • Developmental Education Rules
Master Plan Dolores Segura 10 Min
Honor Program Information Dolores Segura 5 Min
IVC Classes -- Information Dolores Segura 10 Min
ACC Foundation -- Information Dolores Segura 5 Min
Proposed Compensation / Salary Proposal -- FY 2005-2006 -- Information Dolores Segura 5 Min
Bookstore Information -- Information Dolores Segura 15 Min
Committee Reports


Committee Members




Additional Information


Resource Persons:  Mary Leonard, Sibyl Noack, Deanna Johnson    
  • Sibyl and Deanna will lead the "white paper" discussion.  It is my understanding that Dev. Education will write their own "white paper."
Special Notes:    
  • Cathy Smith requested a disability retirement.  She is planning to attend our March or April meeting.