January 6, 2004

EVC 3100

1 hour, 15 minutes




Announcements:  None

White Paper:   Review of handout (committee members with Maggie De La Teja -- chair) agenda of communications new recruitment efforts at different venues e.g. schools, churches.  Draft of SASC white paper passed around and discussed.  Laura and Frank will write content for Writing.  Julie and Sibyl will write content for reading and will do an overview (reading and writing).  Sibyl will check to see if DEVM will participate in developing the white paper.  Marilyn will do a digital photo for the cover.  Deadline:  March 4, draft; April 8 to Task Force.

Appropriations Rider 50:  Mary Leonard passed out info on Rider 50

Master Plan:  Dolores Segura passed out info on Credit  Instruction Master Plan Initiatives Discussion of Strategic Priorities FY 2005 - 2010

Honors Program:  Dolores Segura passed out info on Honors Program with Judy Sanders.

IVC Classes:  Dolores Segura stated we need tech support, equipment classroom facilitator.  Conclusion:  not appropriate for DEV classes.

ACC Foundation:  Dolores Segura passed out handouts on scholarship types.

Proposed Compensation / Salary:  Proposal FY 2005 -- 2006:  Information will be provided by Terry Thomas and will be put in everyone's mailbox.  This is still in discussion.  This has not been presented to the administration.  New info will help standardize the salary scale.  Most will get some salary as on previous scale.

Bookstore Information:  All books have been ordered.  Let Mary know if there are any problems.  Get orders in for 12 week courses.

Review of spring development day handout, info on distance learning, drafts of fall schedules

Committee Reports