January 6, 2005
Eastview Campus -- 3154




White Paper

Discussion:  Review of information from the committee on the White Paper.  Discussed how it pertains to Developmental Education

Action:  A discussion of SASC white paper occurred during the meeting.

Appropriations Rider 50

Discussion:  Presented information on Rider 50

Master Plan

Discussion:  Handed out information on Credit instructions, master plan initiatives and a discussion on strategies, and priorities for FY 2005-2010 followed.

Honors Program

Discussion:  New information concerning the Honors Program distributed.

IVC Classes

Discussion:  Information presented to the task force regarding the IVC classes.  If anyone uses the ITV rooms and need technical support, equipment, or classroom facilities, please contact Robert Bermea.

ACC Foundation

Discussion:  Information presented to members regarding donations and setting up scholarships in the name of someone special.

Proposed Compensation/Salary

Discussion:  Information provided to full-time faculty by the Faculty Senate and Terry Thomas.  Faculty need to review the new compensation plan proposal put in faculty mailboxes.  The proposal is in the discussion stage and the administration has not received a copy.  New information will help standardize the salary scale.  Most faculty members will get same salary as on previous scale, but everyone will get the same percentage of raises.

Bookstore Information

Discussion:  All books ordered for Spring, 2005.

Additional Information

Discussion:  A Spring Development Day handout, information on distance learning, and drafts of fall schedules handed out at the meeting.  Committee reports -- Assessment and Advising report is on the handout with information on any changes.  Changes on cut-off scores need to be in before the next Assessment and Advising meeting.  It appears that there is a problem with the E-write scores.  An explanation of the changes on the XTOV page is in the handout.