January 8, 2001

HBC 221

1:00 pm to 5:00 pm




Agenda Item Outcome
Discussion of Developmental Education by Donetta Goodall Donetta Goodall informed the group that the Developmental TASP plan presented by Austin Community College to the THECB was recognized as one of the best in the State of Texas
Proposed for paired writing and English Course Stacey Thompson confirmed that she is in the process of developing a paired course similar to the paired reading courses with social and behavioral sciences courses
Paired Courses Report from CRLA Maggi Miller stated that the faculty members who attended CRLA in the fall were asked to join a panel discussion on paired courses and that she, Marilyn Burke, and Cheryl Engle will make a presentation on paired course at next years CRLA conference in Spokane, Washington
Reports from Committees  Writing report attached
Review of departmental procedures  Dolores Segura explained departmental procedures to the group
Discussion of full-time faculty positions Dolores notified the group that our task force will get 5 new positions (3 in writing and 2 in reading)
Break out sessions The reading and writing groups attended a 2-hour in-service on 'Beginning of the semester policies and procedures."