March 21, 2003
HBC 410
1:00 to 3:00 PM




Announcements -- Recognitions                                                                           Mary Leonard / Dolores Segura

NADE Update                                                                                                         Mary Leonard / Dolores Segura

Legislative Update                                                                                                 Sibyl Noack

Developmental Plan Update                                                                                 Sibyl Noack

Developmental Plan Responsibilities and Duties                                              Dolores Segura

CCE/CCA coordinators / Assistant Department Chairs                                    Dolores Segura

Issue:  How the Developmental Communications Department wants              Sibyl Noack / Caryn Newburger advisors and counselors to handle developmental credits when students                                                          transfers to ACC.  (This issue needs Task Force approval due to revisions)                                                             The state TASP rules say it is up to the institutions to decide.  The                                                                assessment and Advising Committee is asking for guidance from our group.

Committee Reports