March 22, 2002
HBC 411
1:30 - 3:00PM


  • The Developmental Communications Task Force thanked Maggi Miller for her dedicaton and years of service to ACC.  Maggie resigned her position to work for Houghton Mifflin.
NADE 2003 Update
  • Mary Leonard reported that several committees would have the assistance of the consulting agency hired by NADE. (CONFRON)
  • Discussion followed on local transportation and entertainment.  Entertainment will be needed for the opening Reception.
Schedule Development Plan
  • Dolores Segura asked everyone to check the fall schedule and to send her his or her course requests for the fall.  Another committee is looking to improve the current schedule development plan and more information will be available at a later date.
MSTA Process Update
  • March 25th is the last day for MSTA requests to be processed.  The assistant task force chairs and the task force chairs will review the requests and make their recommendations as soon as HR sends the list of applicants.
Faculty Evaluation Process Update
  • The faculty evaluation process should be the same for the next academic year.  The Deans will notify faculty who are up for three-year portfolios in the fall.
Hiring Committee and Budget Update
  • Two hiring committees have been formed.  Developmental Communications Task Force will hire one reading faculty and Ann Palmer will head the committee and two writing faculty members will hired with Laura Ore heading the committee.  The reading faculty will be assigned to Cypress and the writing faculty will be assigned to the  Pinnacle and Riverside Campuses.
Learning Communities Update
  • Maggie Miller reported that the Writing/English Composition I/Study Skills Learning Community project for Developmental Communication was extremely successful.
CCE/CCA Coordinators -- Summer, 2002 -- (Information item only)
  • PIN -- Cheryl Engle (1st summer session)
  • CYP -- Andrea Clark (1st summer session)
  • EVC -- Stacey Thompson (1st summer session)
  • RGC -- Dorothy Martinez (1st summer session)
  • NRG -- Mary Leonard (8 - wk term)
  • RVS -- Dolores Segura/Marilyn Burke (first and second summer terms)
  • Assessment and Advertising
  • The assessment and advising committee is working on standardizing ESL.  Writing is developing a new placement chart.
  • Reading
  • Cathy Smith reported that the committee is working on CCE/CCA Manual, reviewing Fundamentals of Reading Diagnostic and Exit tests, use of technology in the classroom, the triangle project phase II.
  • Writing
  • The writing committee recommended to stop using the Academic Systems Program because of all of the technical problems associated with the programs.  The Task Force approved the resolution to stop using Academic Systems.
  • Budget
  • Currently our expenditures are on-track.  If faculty need any supplies or other items please send in your requests as soon as possible.
Course Reassignments/Release Time Approval
  • Two requests for curriculum development for the reading department were approved and the task force chair will forward them to the Dean for approval.
Task Force Election Process
  • This year's process is pending approval and the Dean will advise the group on the procedure.
Developmental Communications Task Force Meeting Dates
  • April 26, 2002 -- HBC at 1:00 pm
  • August 23, 2002  -- NRG at 1:00pm
Meeting adjourned at 3:00pm