March 24, 2000

HBC 107

1:00pm to 3:00pm




Members present:

Marilyn Burke, Andrea Clark, Frank Cronin, Cheryl Engle, Mary Leonard, Dorothy Martinez, Maggie Miller, Sibyl Noack, Dolores Segura, Anne Ward, Caryn Newburger, Tina McGaughey, Laura Ore, Stacey Thompson, Mary Tavcar, Cathy Smith, Ann Palmer, Patti Dungan, Julia Ruggeri.

Guests present:

Julie Wauchope, Marie Line McGhee, Susan Jones, Carrie Pyhrr

Agenda Item Discussion Action


Approval of Agenda for March 24, 2000


Motion:  To approve the agenda as written




Minutes from January 13, 2000 were presented


Motion:  To approve the minutes as written


Presentation by Tina McGaughey



Tina McGaughey informed the members of the task force about issues regarding cultural diversity and written and spoken English in her classroom at Eastview


Two books, Social Linguistics and Literacies by James Gee and Ways with Words will be placed in the Professional Library (room 4113) at the Northridge Campus.


NADE Certification








  • Dolores Segura redistributed a copy of the letter written by the president of NADE, Martha Casazza, to Commissioner Brown.  The letter outlined the NADE certification process.
  • At the NADE meeting in Biloxi, Mississippi, Dolores spoke with Martha Casazza and Susan Clark-Thayer regarding the certification process.  Dr. Casazza stated that the wrote a letter to all the College Presidents in Texas asking them for a representative to work with the NADE group for certification purposes.  Several of the colleges in Texas have responded and appointed a person to act as the certification representative.  Dr. Thayer stated that the NADE group is working to customize the certification training for Texas.  Training will begin in June and the NADE team will be coming to several cities in Texas to train the representatives.  It appears that ACC has not appointed a representative at this time.
Dolores will discuss the certification process with Donetta Goodall and advise the task force members of the process as the information becomes available.





TASP plan






  • Dolores Segura shared a copy of the first draft of the TASP plan with the group since Developmental Faculty will be directly affected by the plan
  • Dolores Segura informed the faculty of the process to change cut-scores that is being voted on by Academic Council at the next meeting
  • Dolores Segura asked the members of the reading, study skills and writing committee to review the catalog information and forward any changes to her by March 31, 2000
  • Send comments to Dolores Segura by Tuesday, march 28, 2000
  • Send comments by March 31, 2000 to Dolores Segura
  • Send written comments to Dolores Segura by March 31, 2000
Reports -- written to share
  • Reading/Study Skills -- Maggie Miller
  • Writing -- Laura Ore
  • Assessment and Advising -- Sibyl Noack, Patty Dungan
  • The chairs of the Reading and Writing curriculum committee distributed written reports.  These reports are attached to the minutes.
  • Sibyl Noack and Patti Dungan presented a report from the Assessment and Advising Committee
Written reports distributed with the minutes
2000 Academic Year processes
  • Conference or travel requests for next academic year
  • Course reductions for curriculum development
  • Election of task force chair
  • Adjunct representatives for next academic year to be held during the April Meeting
  • Task force members are asked to have travel requests for the 2000-2001 academic year by the next task force meeting
  • Curriculum committee groups were asked to discuss course reductions for the next academic year.  The task force members at the next meeting will approve the course reductions.  Course reduction requests should be prioritized in order of greatest benefit to the students
  • Mary Leonard will chair the nominating committee for the election of the assistant task force chairs and the task force chair
  • Written requests are to be submitted by April 28, 2000
  • Written requests for course reductions must be submitted to the Task Force by the chairs of the Reading and Writing curriculum committee by April 28, 2000
  • Mary Leonard will take nominations for the assistant Task Force Chair and Task Force Chair until April 15, 2000
  • Frank Cronin will chair the selections process for the adjunct faculty representatives
  • NISOD winners acknowledged:  Laura Ore and Caryn Newburger
  • Caryn Newburger will present at NISOD.  Her presentation will highlight her work with Academic Systems.
  • Sibyl Noack is chair of the full-time reading position
  • Writing positions are on hold at this time even though hiring committee members have been selected.
  • IA positions are still open at EVC and RGC.  One reading at EVC and RGC and one half time position in writing at RVS
  • MSTA's -- several adjunct faculty members who are MSTA's did not receive any information regarding the application process.  The task force chair asked that anyone wishing to apply to please send forward his or her application to Human Resources.
  • Faculty are asked to review the catalog course description and submit changes to reading and writing curriculum committee chairs
  • A site license for Micro Grade has been purchased for all campuses.  Please call Patti Dungan if you need a copy of the diskettes.
Next Meeting April 28, 2000 at 10am in room 214 at HBC  Please note time and room change for this meeting.