November 9, 2001

HBC 222

1:00 pm to 3:00 pm





Motion:  To accept the minutes as written for August 22, 2001.  Passed and approved as written


  Motion:  To accept the agenda as written for November 9, 2001.  Passed and approved as written.


New Faculty Positions (2)



Dolores informed the members of the task force that two positions were approved to our area.  The writing position is a carry-over from last year, while the reading is a new  position.  Laura Ore will chair the Writing Hiring Committee and Caryn Newburger, Mary Leonard, Patti Dungan and Stacey Thompson will serve on the hiring committee.  The Reading Hiring Committee is not formed


Task Force Meeting Dates


The January 11, 2002 meeting was rescheduled for January 10, 2002 at HBC 411 at 11:30 am following the Developmental Reading Curriculum Committee.  The other meetings dates will be as scheduled at HBC


Review Packet Information



Grey binders were distributed to all task force members present.  The binders contained the agendas, minutes, and reports for the Developmental Communications Task Force. Other items included in the binders:  spring and summer schedule, IP and incomplete grade information, unit plans, master plans and the Home Page for SACS Information.


IP Grade Vs. Incomplete






After reviewing the information on the ACC catalog, (pp 28, 29); regarding the IP grade, task force members discussed the use of the IP grade.  The IP grade should not be used for a student that has completed all of the requirements of the course and failed the exit exam.  The IP is used for those students who remainn in class, are attending, are progressing, but are not achieving the standards for earning a C or better in the course.  Students receiving an IP grade, who complete TASP requirement by passing the TASP exam, should not be penalized if they do not enroll the following semester in the course in which they received an IP

Motion:  the task force chair will review how the IP grade is counted for financial aid and the TASP requirement if the students meet their TASP requirement during the semester that they must re-enroll in the course.


Use of Learning Labs for Reading and Writing




Discussion developed over the use of the learning lab at the various sites.  Since the labs are used for both lab classes, credit classes and tutoring, an ad hoc committee was formed to review the status of how the learning labs are being used.  Mary Tavcar will chair the committee.  Anne Ward, IA RGC, Patti Dungan, writing faculty, RGC, Marilyn Burke, reading faculty, RBC, Carrrie Phyrr, reading IA, NRG, Julie Wauchope, reading faculty, EVC, Marie Line McGhee, lab manager, PIN, Susan Jones, Lab manager, RVS will comprise the committee.  All lab managers are invited to attend.  A status report is due to the Task Force by January 10 2002


Faculty Evaluation Portfolios





Task Force members discussed the faculty evaluation process and the guidelines for portfolio submissions.  Fulltime faculty being evaluated this academic year on the 3 yr cycle will submit syllabi, tests and major assignments for the current year.  If the faculty members have the documentation for previous years they will submit the documents with the portfolios.  This applies to adjunct faculty on the 3 yr cycle also.  All new faculty members and temporary full time faculty members will follow the faculty evaluation guidelines for first year portfolios.  Dean Fluker sent letters to faculty indicating when the portfolios were due to the Task Force Chair.


Strategic Planning


The task force approved the strategic plans for the Master Plan


Schedule / Spring and Summer



Dolores asked everyone to review the schedules for accuracy.  Although students are already registering for the spring semester, Dolores asked for faculty to review the schedule carefully.  Faculty members were asked to review the summer schedule for corrections or minor changes.


Committee Reports  
  • Assessment and Advising
Sibyl Noack reported that 2002 placement charts are being revised and will be available for distribution soon.  Sibyl noted that more advisors than what was anticipated are using Option E on the Alternatives for Remediation (AOR) and better training  on the use of the option was needed.
  • Budget / Textbooks
Mary Leonard reported that requests for supplies and textbooks are being filled.


  • Writing



Laura Ore reported that their committee is meeting and members are continuing to review goals, objectives, and exit criteria.  The minutes for the writing committee are on the web site


  • Reading



Cathy Smith reported that their committee hosted a professional development activity at RGC with Anne Ward as chair.  The event was extremely successful with faculty members sharing information and exchanging ideas about their courses.


  • Adjunct Hiring Committee



Frank Cronin reported that the adjunct hiring committee had interviewed and recommended several faculty members to be added to the eligibility list this semester.

Frank and Dolores worded at the Hiring Festival hosted by ACC on October 13, 2001.  Several applicants visited the Developmental Communications area and Frank shared the Reading and Writing websites