October 6, 2000

HBC 214

1:00 pm to 3:00 pm




Agenda Item Outcome
Non-native speakers in Developmental Writing and English Composition Classes A discussion followed regarding students enrolled in Writing and English classes that need ESL courses.  The committee agreed that students should complete the ESL assessment.  Students should enroll in ESL classes if they test into the classes
New Compositions Course for Non-Native speakers Jose Flores informed the group that he is in the process of developing an English Composition course.  Jose asked for faculty input.  An ESL faculty member asked the Developmental Communications Task Force to support the ESL task force in requesting an administrative rule that requires non native speakers to be assessed with the proper instrument prior to registration.  The group supported the request.
Use of Computer Lat at the Pinnacle Faculty at the Pinnacle will work with the lab manager to schedule use of the computer lab
Textbook Ordering Faculty reported several problems with textbooks this semester.  Dr. Kinslow is now over the bookstore and we should see improvement and procedures in place for ordering textbooks
Les Polnac requests for faculty to serve on Literacy Committee Dorothy Martinez agreed to serve on the Literacy Committee and represent the Developmental Task Force
Committee Reports The writing faculty requested that students be refunded the money they paid for the license in September to use Academic Systems.  The new version caused the faculty numerous problems.  The task force supported this request.
Break Out Sessions The reading and writing groups attended a two-hour in-service on "Beginning of the semester policies and procedures."