Reading Task Force

January 8, 2003
9:00 to 11:00 am
EVC 3154



(Due to the fact that several of our faculty will need to attend the Faculty Senate meeting on Friday when our meetings were previously scheduled we will have our meetings on Thursdays.)

Announcements Cathy J. Smith
Report on OIE Report Quest for DEVR 0303  Mary Leonard
Report on New Initiatives Questionnaire Mary Leonard
Faculty Development Proposal for Spring 2003 Vonnye Gardner
Student Assignment while Faculty attend NADE Cathy J. Smith and Sibyl Noack
Update on DEVR 1303 Publications Andrea Clark and Carrie Pyhrr
Update on Second Edition of College Anthology Sibyl Noack
Report on Reading Skills for Social Sciences Pilot Sibyl Noack
Share of Conferences Attended Ann Palmer
Text approval:  "Winning Math" Anne Dillon
Proposal:  (DEVW II/Eng. Comp I/Study Skills) Judy Hubble

In order to cover all agenda items, please provide written handouts for members.  Please limit presentation to 10 minutes in order for all items to be addressed and discusses.  Thank you.