Reading Sub-Task Force

November 8, 2002 9:30 -- 11:30 am HBC 413



Announcements   Cathy Smith
Update on Book Inventory Please bring your copy of the Book Inventory sent to you recently with corrections/updates made.  We will collect all corrections / updates on one copy. Cathy Smith
Textbook Adoption Form   Cathy Smith
Five Year Action Plan   Dolores Segura
Look at Effectiveness Update (Reading)   Mary Leonard
Reports/Recommendations Exit Scores for DEVR 0303 Ann Dillon
  TASP Brochure for Reading Ann Palmer
  Paired /Flex class for Technical Majors Judy Hubble
  College Anthology for DEVR 1313 Update and Reading Skills for Social Sciences pilot Sibyl Noack
  Update on Custom Publication Cost, etc. DEVR 1303 Andrea Clark and Carrie Pyhrr
Textbook/Novel Recommendations DEVR 1313 Text Marilyn Burke
  Textbook for Paired math/Study Skills pilot Ann Dillon
  Novel Ann Dillon
Next Meeting Date Friday, January 10, 2003 EVC 3154  

Presenters are requested to furnish written notes of their reports or recommendations in order to allow time to discuss all items on the agenda.  Thank you for your assistance.

If you have other agenda items that need to be addressed at this meeting, please send an email to Cathy J. Smith at