Reading Sub-Task Force

August 22, 2001
EVC 2226


Members Present:  Cheryl Engle, Dolores Segura, Sibyl Noack, Mary Leonard, Elena Meister, Julie Wauchope, Anne Click, Sonya Riggs, Vonnye Gardner, Dorothy Martinez, Anne Ward, Maggi Miller, Ann Dillon, Carrie Pyhrr, Marilyn Burke, Cathy Smith, Ann Palmer, Sherry Prather, Shirley Melcher, Judy Hubble, and Andrea Clark.

Agenda Item   Discussion   Action
Introduction of new Reading Task Force Chair   Dolores Segura introduced Cathy J. Smith as the Reading Task Force Chair.  Maggi Miller, former Reading Task Force Chair is now serving ACC as Project Director for the Alternative Teacher Certification Program and Project Director for the Learning Community Program.


Introduction of new full-time faculty member.  Introduction of new Instructional Associate for EVC.


  Cathy J. Smith introduced Julie Wauchope as the newest full-time faculty member.  Julie will be assigned to EVC.  Vonnye Gardner was introduced as the new Instructional Associate for EVC.    
Department brochure   Marilyn Burke and Ann Palmer presented the new Developmental Reading brochure.  A campus representative was asked to secure the number needed for each campus distribution.


  If your campus needs additional copies, please let Cathy Smith know.
Department webpage   Ann Palmer and Julie Wauchope reported on the progress of the webpage, and solicited any corrections that need to be made.


  Ann and Julie are currently updating the Faculty Manual page.  Vocabulary and Study Skills will be added to the Faculty Manual.
End of semester data analysis   Mary Leonard has collected instructor's scores through the Spring 2001 semester, and Summer 2001 scores were still being received.


  At the next Task Force meeting (Nov. 9 postponed from Oct 19) a report will be given on the collected scores.
Update on 5-yr action plan (year 2)   Dolores Segura gave an update on the Unit Plan.   The 1988-1999 cut scores for Reading Skills I and Reading Skills II have been established.  Mary Leonard will have a report on end-of-semester data at the next (Nov.) meeting.  Sibyl Noack will prepare a report on the success after the students exit from Dev. Programs.


Update on Paired Courses.   Cheryl Engle distributed a comprehensive analysis on paired course success rate vs. non-paired courses. (A copy of the analysis is attached.)  Dolores Segura asked that the requests for paired courses for Spring 2002 be sent to her by email as soon as possible.


  Cheryl will make an additional update at the Nov. meeting.
Fall Faculty Development   Anne Ward, Chair, Fall Reading Faculty Development Day, presented a proposal for meeting on Fri., Nov 2, RGC learning lab from 4:30 to 7:30 pm.  This date and time was scheduled in order to include adjunct participation, and others who often must miss faculty development opportunities due to work schedules.  Parking is easily available on Friday evenings at RGC.  Julie Wauchope will plan a Reading Faculty Development Day (tentatively planned for Feb. 2002 that will provide sharing time for computer activities, websites, etc.)   Since the Oct. 19 meeting was cancelled, the Nov. 2 (Friday) Faculty Dev. event will be held before the Nov. 9 meeting.  The meeting is scheduled to include a sharing of ideas/materials from Fundamentals of Reading, Reading Skills I, and Reading Skills II from various instructors.  Each reading level will be hosted by a moderator who will collect and distribute handouts from instructors.  Each session would be approximately 50 minutes in length in order for each person to attend each level of sharing.  a light supper will be served.  Anne Ward is preparing a flyer about the event that will be distributed to all faculty members.


Formalize college-wide CCE/CCA (NCBR) contracts   Dolores Segura reported that there is a need to formalize the college-wide Course Credit Exchange contracts.   The Writing Task Force has a document that would be studied and used to model a formal contract for all disciplines within the Task Force.  Recommendations will be made after study and discussed at a future Task force meeting.  Each Campus will send Cathy J. Smith a copy of the CCE/CCA contract for Reading to be included in a CCE/CCA Manual as a reference guide.


Reminders   1) Cathy J. Smith reminded instructors that we have a number of copies of the supplement (that was missing from the Anthology book used in Reading Skills II) housed at the RVS campus.   Any instructor needing this supplemental chapter to give to students who purchase the book may contact Cathy for additional copies
    2) Instructors were reminded to submit a copy of the Course Info Sheet (first day handout) and a copy of a syllabus for each course they are currently teaching  
These are to be sent to Cathy J. Smith, RVS.  A copy of each of these documents should also be sent to the Dean of Communications.
    3) Travel requests needed to be submitted to Dolores Segura, RVS, after September 1.   We have been informed by Dr. Fluker that funds are limited for travel.  Requests should be made as soon as possible.
    4) Upcoming conferences were announced and information sheets were made available in the Task Force folders.  Several faculty members will attend the CRLA conference Oct 10-13 in Spokane, Wa as presenters.  Other faculty will attend the CASP in Houston Oct 24-26.  FUTURE CONF: NADE will be held March 6-10, 2002 in Orlando, FL, and the International Reading Association will hold a conference in San Francisco, Ca April 28-May 2, 2002    
    5) Shirley Melcher won the drawing for the door prize    
    6) Sue Bloodsworth reported on the staffing of Fall classes


Next Task Force Meeting Agenda Attached   The next scheduled meeting for the Task Force was originally scheduled for Oct. 19. However, since so many faculty would be attending conferences throughout Oct., the meeting was rescheduled for Nov.9, 930 to 1130 am, HBC 413.   Send agenda items to Cathy J. Smith, RVS