Reading Sub-Task Force

August 23, 2002
3:30 to 5:30pm
NRG Learning Lab



Members Present:  Judy Billen, Marilyn Burke, Diane Causey, Andrea Clark, Karen Davis, Ann Dillon, Cheryl Engle, Billie Fullingam, Vonnye Gardner, Judy Hubble, Shamar Johnson, Mary Leonard, Dorothy Martinez, Elena Meister, Sibyl Noack, Ann Palmer, Sherry Prather, Carrie Pyhrr, Sonya Riggs, Beth Scoggins, Cathy Smith, Tamara Thornton, Anne Ward, Julie Wauchope.

Agenda Item   Discussion   Action
Announcements:  Cathy J. Smith   Judy Hubble was introduced as a new full-time faculty in reading    
    Judy Billen was introduced as a new I.A. located at the NRG campus    
    Shirley Melcher was unable to attend due to the death of her father   Faculty present signed a card expressing sympathy to send to Shirley
    Revised End-of-Semester Data Collection Forms will be issued as soon as the DEVR 0303 cutoff scores are determined.   Copies will be made available at the Nov. 8th Task Force Meeting
    Reminder:  send copies of fall syllabi to Cathy Smith.  Also, remember to put "fall" "spring" etc. on your syllabus.    
    Future Reading Task Force meetings:  Nov 8, 2002 (930 to 1130 am at HBC 413), January 10, 2003 (330 to 530 pm at EVC 3154), March 21, 2003 (930 to 1130 am at HBC 410), April 25, 2003 (930 to 1130 am at HBC 410)    
    The Starlink video on Critical Thinking is still available to be checked out by faculty to watch and receive faculty development credit.   Contact Cathy J. Smith
    Ann Palmer and Julie Wauchope were asked to develop a TASP Reading Brochure   A brochure will be prepared and presented at the November meeting.
    Copies of the Psychology supplement for the DEVR 1313 College Anthology are available.   Contact the RVS receptionist at 223-6068 and request the number of copies needed.
    Since we will need to have a Master Syllabus for Reading courses by Spring 2003, Dorothy Martinez and Anne Ward agreed to make a model for each reading level course and present it to the Task Force in November.   Copies of the model for each level of Reading will be presented at the November meeting.
    Handouts about upcoming conferences were distributed.   Get NADE travel requests (for registration) in as soon as possible.


Report:  CCE/CCA Manual Update   Marilyn Burke reported that the Manual materials were completed and a copy of the notebook was made available to each campus.


Report:  Assessment/Advising   Sybil Noack reported that there are no new changes affecting Reading.


Report: Revision of College Anthology Text   Sibyl Noack reported on changes that need to be made for a revision to be made and copies ordered for next year.   Sibyl plans to give an update report on the revision at the Nov. 8th meeting.


Report:  Fundamentals of Reading Diagnostic/Exit Test   The committee working on this met several times to determine the best document to be used to replace IRI.  The Gates-McGinitie Test will be piloted this Fall in DEVR 0303.  The committee will meet later in the Fall to recommend a cutoff score for grades.   This committee will meet Nov. 1 (Fri.) 10am at RVS 9104 G to discuss and determine a cutoff score to recommend to the Reading Curriculum meeting on Nov. 8th.
    A workshop was held August 22 at RVS to discuss how the Gates McGinitie test would be administered in the Fall of 2002.


Report:  Technology in the classroom


  No report available at this time as the committee has not been able to meet.    
Report:  Custom Publication for DEVR 1303   Andrea Clark and Carrie Pyhrr reported on their research seeking longer passages for DEVR 1303.  Andrea furnished copies of 9th grade samples and Carrie furnished samples of 8th grade samples.   An update on the search for passages and cost to publish will be made at the Nov. Reading Task Force meeting.


Proposal:  Paired/Flex class with Technical Majors   Judy Hubble presented a need for reading help she had observed while working with technical majors.  She proposed a paired/flex class that would address that need.   Judy Hubble will report on any further proposal for a paired/flex class in the future at the Nov. 8th Reading Task Force meeting


Report:  Paired Math/Study Skills course   Ann Dillon, Nancy Lehman reported on the proposed paired Math/Study skills course that will be piloted in January 2003.   The Reading textbook for this paired class will be shared at the Nov. Task force meeting


Next Meeting   November 8, 2002, 9:30 to 11:30 am HBC 413