Reading Sub-Task Force

January 10, 2002
9:00 to 11:00 am
HBC 411



Members Present:  Cheryl Engle, Dolores Segura, Sibyl Noack, Mary Leonard, Julie Wauchope, Sonya Riggs, Vonnye Gardner, Dorothy Martinez, Anne Ward, Maggi Miller, Ann Dillon, Marilyn Burke, Cathy Smith, Ann Palmer, Shirley Melcher, and Andrea Clark

Agenda Item   Discussion   Action
Announcements:  Cathy J. Smith   1) Change April 26th meeting to room HBC 411. 
2) A call for end-of-semester data forms for Fall 2001 was made. 
3) The brochure for the Academic Triangle Program is now on the Reading homepage website.


Spring Semester Faculty Development:  Julie Wauchope   The Spring reading faculty development opportunity will be held on Friday, February 15, 4:30 to 7:30 pm   1)  Julie Wauchope is finalizing the details of time etc., but the event will be held at the RVS campus (9104 G).  This event will allow the sharing of websites, etc.  Julie will be sending out a flyer to all faculty soon. 
2)  Food and drinks will be provided. 
3)  Faculty will receive 3 faculty development credit hours.


Report on CCA/CCE Manual:  Marilyn Burke   Marilyn Burke gave a comprehensive report of the progress on creating a manual for CCA/CCE Coordinators at each campus.  She presented a handout of collected materials and presented questions to the task force members in order to receive input  for the completion of a manual containing various guidelines and documents a CCA/CCE Coordinator would need.  Marilyn also reported that the Southwest Texas University integrated learning systems report was not finished.


  A draft of the manual will be presented at the March task force meeting
Revise/Reprint Reading Skills II College Anthology:  Sibyl Noack   The time has come to decide whether to reprint and/or revise the College Anthology used in Reading Skills II classes.   1)  The Task Force decide to reprint the College Anthology book for use in the Fall 2003 Semester.
2)  Task Force members who teach/have taught DEVR 1313 are asked to submit any changes to Sibyl as soon as possible. 
3)  The new contract for reprints would stipulate that the book must include all pages (a Psychology chapter was omitted from the original text.)
4)  Marilyn Burke agreed to send out her test questions she has created for the College Anthology to anyone making a request. 
5)  REMINDER:  We have many copies of the missing pages of the College Anthology entitled  "Psychological Disorders" (pp.28-47.) Please contact Cathy Smith RVS to request copies of this missing chapter.


Research of chapters for DEVR 1303 (Reading Skills I)   As an outgrowth of the discussion of the revision of the RSII College Anthology, task force members suggested that they would like to see options of lengthier chapter for use with DEVR 1303 classes.  Andrea Clark agreed to begin work on this subject.  Carrie Pyhrr will work with her on this project.


Newberry Award Books (Fundamentals of Reading):  Ann Palmer   Ann Palmer presented the question of how students could select novels to study from the Newberry Award list.   All members agreed that these books would be acceptable and allowing students to make book selections from the list was approved.


Release Request to Create Online Spelling Class:  Ann Palmer


  Ann Palmer requested release time for Summer 2002 in order to create the online Spelling Class.  Details of the proposed class are in the November Task Force Minutes.   The request for release time was approved.
Form Committee:  Document Technology Used in Classrooms   After a review of our Self-study plan last fall, a request was made to form a committee to study and document how technology is used in our reading classes.   Dorothy Martinez has agreed to head this committee, and Julie Wauchope and Ann Palmer will work on this committee also.  Anyone interested in serving on this committee should contact Dorothy Martinez at RGC.


Form Committee:  Locate new assessment instruments for DEVR 0303 (Fundamentals of Reading)   There is need to locate a new assessment instrument to replace the current IRI being used in DEVR 0303   Ann Dillon will head this committee and Vonnye Gardner, Sonya Riggs, Anne Ward, and Ann Palmer will work on this committee also.  We will have a committee report at our March meeting.  Committee meetings will be announced and any interested faculty member is invited to attend.


Report on Assessment and Advising committee:  Sibyl Noack   Sibyl Noack reported that the Assessment and Advising Committee has completed the Placement Chart which had been approved by the Reading Task Force.  The new Placement chart will be included in the spring advising material.


  All DEVR instructors should have received the Reading Placement Chart.  If anyone did not receive a chart, please contact Cathy Smith.
Exit Criteria Instruments:  Dolores Segura and Mary Leonard   In a continuing effort to document the success of our students exiting the reading program, the request was made for instructors to fill out the form to reflect the form (K or L) used in the report.  We have had the level K scoring chart for the DTLS, and Mary Leonard reported that the scoring chart for DTLS form L, shows slightly different scores.


  1)  Mary Leonard will send a scoring chart for the DTLS form L to be distributed to faculty members.
2)NOTE:  This chart was sent to faculty members by Cathy Smith the week of January 28. 
3)The end-of-semester forms will be revised to reflect the DTLS form used in reporting.


Reports from Fall conferences   1)  Due to necessary discussions on task force business, we were only able to hear reports from three individuals who attended conferences in the fall.  Each person had a handout relating to the conference attended.  If you would like to secure a copy of each presenter's handout, please contact the presenter.
2)  Maggi Miller (CRLA/Oct.) reported on Areas and Opportunities for Critical Analysis by using Newsweek Magazine.  (contact Maggi Miller, RGC)
3)  Cheryl Engle (CRLA/Oct.) is collecting data on paired courses and considering the possibility of publishing in a journal. (Contact Cheryl Engle, PIN)
4)  Ann Palmer (International Dyslexia Association/Oct.) She attended sessions of various topics concerning students with reading disabilities (contact Ann Palmer, EVC) 


  Julie Wauchope, Mary Leonard, Dolores Segura, and Cathy Smith will report on fall conferences at the next meeting in March.
January Door Prize   Sibyl Noack (NRG) won the door prize drawing.    
Next Task Force Meeting   The next scheduled meeting for the Reading Task Force will be Friday, March 22, 2002, Room 411, HBC 9:30 to 11:30 am.