Reading Sub-Task Force

January 8, 2003



Members Present: Marilyn Burke, Andrea Clark, Ann Dillon, Cheryl Engle, Vonnye Gardner, Judy Hubble, Mary Leonard, Dorothy Martinez, Shirley Melcher, Sibyl Noack, Sherry Prather, Carrie Phyrr, Beth Scoggins, Dolores Segura, Cathy Smith, Tamara Thornton, Julie Wauchope, and Ann Palmer.

Subject and Presenter






Announcements: Cathy J. Smith





  • Dean Fluker returning to SWTU
  • Cancelled Spring 2004 DSSK + 8 reading classes (RS II seemed to be hurt the most)
  • No more B or better
  • Donetta requested many faculty that want to teach at the new S. Austin campus to let her know by Fall 2005


  • Copies of DEVR Faculty available
  • Copies of four year action plan handed out



Discussion of Nelson Dennedy as exit test for Reading Skills II (Everybody)



  • Perhaps the DRP (Degrees of Reading Power) could be used
  • Order DRP to review
  • Order ND (newer version G-H and computerized version.
  • Ann & Cheryl can bring other types of learning styles / study skills assessments.



Update on DEVR 1303 custom publication (Carrie Pyhrr)



  • Bring and review ASSET, ND & DRP at next meeting.
  • Sibyl will see if passing TASP/THEA can be added to grade report.
  • New versions and old versions are available in bookstores
  • she handed out the syllabi
Share Time (If you recently attended a conference or workshop and would like to share handouts and information to the group, thi time will be given for sharing.)


  • Information items handed out.  On handling difficult situations, reading skills, note taking, journals, future planning (Psych 1300)
  • Discussion on TASP handouts and future participation
Lexia Demonstration


  • SOS (Strategies for older students) use 20 minutes a time, 3 times (idea implementation and cognitive development (another program)
New COMPASS Test materials demonstration (Sibyl Noack)





  • THEA new name for TASP
  • Students can take the Compass, pass and exit DEVR
  • Institutions can set their own rules.
  • Students can take COMPASS or THEA to retest when they want.  After 30 days, and then again after 90 days
  • Students who make a C in DEVR 1313 do not need to retest.
  • Handout attached





Other LASSI (Marilyn Burke)  
  • Can paired courses use LASSI at the beginning of course? (DEVR and other courses).  Yes! Marilyn has code to get online.
  • Decide in March if we want to use the post LASSI
Tentative next meeting date:   March 26, 2004