Reading Sub-Task Force

March 22, 2002
9:30 to 11:30am
HBC 411



Members Present:  Cheryl Engle, Dolores Segura, Sibyl Noack, Mary Leonard, Julie Wauchope, Sonya Riggs, Vonnye Gardner, Dorothy Martinez, Anne Ward, Maggi Miller, Ann Dillon, Marilyn Burke, Cathy Smith, Ann Palmer, Shirley Melcher, Andrea Clark, Elena Meister, and Carrie Pyhrr.


Agenda Item   Discussion   Action
Announcements:  Cathy J. Smith   A STARLINK presentation video aired Feb 22, 2002, is available upon request to Cathy.  The title is "Teaching and Assessing for Critical Thinking and Deep Learning." Checking out and watching the video can receive One hour of faculty development.


  the April meeting was cancelled due to the fact that many members were unavailable.
Spring Semester Faculty Development:  Julie Wauchope


  Report:  The Spring reading faculty development opportunity was held on Fri Feb 15, 4:30 to 7:30 pm    
Report on the TASP mandated CCA/CCE Manual:  Marilyn Burke   Marilyn presented a draft of the manual that has been compiled for use by CCA/CCE campus coordinators.  Members present contributed additional suggestions.  The final copy will be in a 3-hole binder and will include sample materials, tip sheets, instructions, and administrative policy materials.


  A "final draft" of the manual will be sent to each campus.  Each member was given the opportunity to make final suggestions for additions or corrections.  The final copy will be prepared at HBC duplicaton services.  When ready, the manual will be distributed to each campus.


Research of chapters for DEVR 1303 (Reading Skills I)   As an outgrowth of the discussion of the revision of RSII College Anthology, task force members suggested that they would like to see options of lengthier chapters for use with DEVR 1303 classes.  Andrea Clark agreed to begin work on this subject.  Carrie Pyhrr will work with her on this project.


  A report on their research will be shared at the August 23 meeting.
Report on Fall 2001 Learning Community, "Write This Way"


  Maggie Miller reported that the total report would be given in the Dev comm meeting later in the day.    
Report:  Fundamentals of Reading (DEVR 0303) Diagnostic / Exit Test   Ann Dillon reported that the committee researching a new instrument to be used had come up with two tests for this level that have been normed.  One is the Gates-MacGinite and the other is the Woodcock-Johnson.   Note:  Orders have been placed for copies of both tests.  The Reading Curriculum Task Force will plan a workshop for all instructors that regularly teach or might teach a Fundamentals of reading class in the future (see note on Next Task Force meeting).


Report:  Document Technology Used in Classrooms   Committee:  Dorothy Martinez, Julie Wauchope, and Ann Palmer distributed a report on Reading software by campus.  The committee also distributed a draft of the Peterson and Caverly "Framework for Selecting Technology-Supported, Developmental Reading Programs and Strategies."


  Dorothy Martinez made a request for any corrections in the software inventory to be sent to her as soon as possible.
Report:  Academic Triangle Program -- Phase II   Cathy Smith, Caryn Newburger, and Ann Dillon reported that Phase II of the Academic Triangle Program is scheduled to begin in the Fall 2002 semester. Phase II will link Reading Skills I, Writing Skills I, and Vocabulary, Spelling, and Study Skills.


Reports from Fall Conferences   Due to the length of the March meeting, written handouts of conference materials were made available to members.    
Next Task Force Meeting   The next scheduled meeting for the Reading Task Force will be Fri. August 23, 2002 at the NRG Learning Lab from 3:30 to 5:30 after the DEV Comm mtg   On Thursday, August 22, RVS 9104, a faculty development workshop will be held.  From 930 to 1130 am orientation for the new Fundamentals of Reading Diagnostic /Exit tests (McGinite and Woodcock-Johnson) will be given.  We have a tentative workshop for the afternoon of Thurs, August 22, from 1 to 4 pm, RVS, 9104 for a faculty development workshop with he authors Cortina and Elder (Opening Doors, New Worlds). More information will be forthcoming as soon as details are available.