Reading Sub-Task Force

November 9, 2001
HBC 413



Members Present:  Marilyn Burke, Andrea Clark, Ann Dillon, Cheryl Engle, Vonnye Gardner, Mary Leonard, Dorothy Martinez, Elena Meister, Shirley Melcher, Sibyl Noack, Ann Palmer, Sherry Prather, Dolores Segura, Cathy J. Smith, Anne Ward, Julie Wauchope and Linda R. Lane   


Agenda Item   Discussion   Action
Announcements   Cathy J. Smith made the following announcements/reminders: 
1)  A blue binder was distributed to each person present.  The binder contained dividers housing the Reading Faculty member's name, campus address, phone, email, home address and a separate list for the Dev Comm TF members, Data reports, the Self-study /Unit plans, Agendas and Minutes, and Miscellaneous reports.  The purpose for the binder is to provide easy access to documents relating to Task force transactions. 
2)  End of semester report forms were made available.  These forms must be returned by Dec. 18 to Cathy Smith. 
3)  There is a copy of the Faculty Development form for 2001-2002 in the binder.  A copy must accompany any "credit forms" received for attending individual conferences or faculty development events. 
4)  The "first copy after the draft" brochure for the Academic Triangle Program was available, and corrections/suggestions were secured from members.  Caryn Newburger and Cathy Smith spoke to the 85+ Advisor/Counselors staff meeting Nov.8 to share information about paired DEVR initiatives including the Spring 2002 Course of Reading for the Social Science (Sibyl Noack). 
5)  Cathy Smith proposed that each faculty member who had attended a conference this Fall make a brief (5 min) report and share materials from the conference at the January meeting. 
6)  The next scheduled Reading TF meetings are: Jan 10, 2002, 9 to 11am, HBC 411 (we will have a lunch served, and the Dev comm TF will convene at 12 to 2pm in the same room), March 22, HBC 411, April 26, HBC 107


  Representatives from each campus volunteered to take binders back to faculty unable to attend the meeting.  If you have not received a binder, contact Cathy at 223-6070.

Please make the following additions/corrections to your Dev Rdg Faculty list:

1) Tamara Thornton -- change address to:  PO BOx 18782, Austin Texas 78760

2) Add Cheryl Engle's home address:  101 Scenic Canyon Lane, Wimberly, Tx

Copies of class descriptions are located in the binder.

Please send an email telling Cathy that you would like to report on a conference you attended/presented this Fall, 2001

Make about 40 copies of items you would like to share from the conference.

Report on Nov. 2 Faculty Development Event   Anne Ward, Coordinator for the Fall Faculty Development Event reported that 24 faculty members attended the event at RGC on Nov 2.  Two, 1-hour sessions gave opportunity for faculty members to share a successful strategy or activity for each level of reading instruction.


  Reminder:  send your orange "credit form" along with the Faculty Development Report to Dolores Segura as soon as possible.
Update on paired courses   Cheryl Engle commented on the updated statistics presented on the handout regarding paired courses success.   The paired course success data is located under Data reports in the binder.


Review of online vocabulary class and proposal of online spelling class   Ann Palmer distributed a review of the online Vocabulary II -- DEVR 1343 -- PCM course.  Ann also presented a proposal for DEVR 1503 PCM Spelling Skills course to be developed.   The report is located under Data reports in the binder.  On the back of the report is the proposal presented at the Reading Subtask Force meeting 11-9, for a DEVR 1503 PCM Spelling Skills course.  The proposal for the Spelling class was approved and Ann Palmer will develop the spelling skills program during the summer of 2002.


Discussion of 5 year plan   Dolores Segura led a discussion of the Self Study/Unit Plans.  The year 1 report was extracted from the April 19 minutes compiled by Maggi Miller.  Write the following comments in the Year 2 recommendations: 
Year2 Additions: Identify and regularly publicize professional development activities) 
1)  Spring 2000 activity (RVS) sharing of classroom computer activities and web sites for each level reading classes 
2)  We have publicized state and national conferences and encouraged participation. 
3)  Several faculty members have presented at both state and national conferences within the last year. 
Year 2 Additions:  Incorporate more technology into the reading and writing curriculum.) 
1)  Only Flex courses are online with print-based.  All other reading skills classes are using software as a supplement to class instruction. 
Year 2 Outcome:  Move to Adjustments " the computerized courses." (See #1 concerning Flex courses.) 
Year 2 Appropriateness:  (Conduct workshops and attend seminars in completing the self study, which is required by NADE.) It is not appropriate at this time because the Community College President's Association is not requiring NADE certification for Developmental Education programs in Texas.


  A copy of the 5-year plan is in the binder under "Self Study/Unit Plans."





Marilyn Burke offered to check on a program she recently read about at Southwest Texas University concerning the use of technology in reading classrooms as a possible resource.

TASP Prep Course Discussion:  Do we reinstate?   Dolores Segura led a brief discussion concerning the question   It was agreed by the Reading Task Force members that we would not reinstate the TASP Prep Courses.  We now have CCA/CCE available.


CCA/CCE Material Manual for Campus Coordinators   There is a need to coordinate materials and/or contracts for CCA/CCE Campus Coordinators.  Each campus has been using different materials.  in an effort to coordinate materials from each campus, it was decided that a manual be prepared for use by each Campus Coordinator charged with CCA/CCE responsibilities.   Marilyn Burke has agreed to collect all sample materials and assemble a manual for use by the CCA/CCE Coordinator at each campus similar to the manual created by the Writing Sub-Task Force.

Current CCA/CCE Campus Coordinators are asked to send sample materials to Marilyn Burke as soon as possible.


Update on End-of-Semester Data Collected   Mary Leonard delivered faculty members' End-of-semester reports with data on students passing TASP with scores included.  Mary stated that the data included the idea that students "passed TASP or were in B or better classes."   It was suggested that the January agenda include a discussion of "exit" criteria instruments since the reports did not reflect a constant between RSII exit tests and passing the TASP


ACC Foundation Letter   Sibyl Noack reported on the letter received from the ACC Foundation regarding the gift given to them from sales of the College Anthology (used in RSII). Sibyl also presented the suggestion that the Task force needs to decide on a reprint or a revision of the College Anthology.   A copy of the letter in included in the binder under Data Reports. Decision to reprint or revise College Anthology will be placed on January agenda.


Textbook Novel Adoptions   Ann Palmer presented It's Not About the Bike:  My Journey Back to Life about Lance Armstrong, and Carrie Pyhrr presented The Diary of Ann Frank for approval.   Both books will be added to the approved Reading Skills I reading list by decision of the Reading Task force  members.


Revision of Assessment Placement Chart   Sibyl Noack reported from the Assessment and Advising Committee that several changes are being considered for the new assessment chart.  Each change was discussed with the task force


  A new assessment chart will be forthcoming from the Assessment and Advising Committee
Door Prize   Mary Leonard won the door prize    
January 10, 2002 agenda items       Please send agenda items to Cathy J. Smith