In fall 2009, ACC set out to find the perfect symbol to represent the college, enhance school spirit, build tradition, and promote a college-going culture in the community.

A committee of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members was formed to lead the effort.

The charge:

  • Create an inclusive process for gathering input on what people wanted in a mascot.
  • Engage the college and Central Texas communities in the decision.
  • Ultimately, recommend mascot candidates that reflect ACC's mission and vision.

What followed was a four-step process that raised awareness of the college's history and its goals. The committee solicited mascot ideas, and ACC received more than 1,000 suggestions. The committee reduced the list to a handful of contenders that were put through numerous research rigors, including nine focus groups. The ideas were weighted based on their uniqueness as well as how closely they reflected the college mission and resonated with ACC's eight-county region.

All the research and testing resulted in four finalists: Bbhoggawact (an acronym of the counties ACC serves), Starblazer, Blazer, and the Riverbat.

In March 2010, the final four went to a community-wide vote, and the people's choice was clear. Riverbat received 37 percent of more than 4,000 votes cast.

ACC would be home of the Riverbats. 

By the end of spring, the question on everyone's mind was, "What will the Riverbat look like?" Over the summer, the college's creative team developed designs for the Riverbat's logo and costume, seeking public input along the way. Finally, a team of design-minded students, faculty, and staff carefully considered the logo and costume; several focus groups also refined the designs.

The result is an engaging purple Riverbat and a sleek, striking logo.

In preparation for the Riverbat's public debut, mascot tryouts were held, and a campus competition established Northridge as the location of the premiere event, dubbed the Riverbat Rally. Students even created a hip-hop song and dance called the "R.B. Step."

Finally, on November 18, 2010, ACC officially embarked on its new tradition.

We are ACC. And we are the Riverbats!