Heliobacter pylori


2420 Microbiology - Useful LInks

Some Disease links, resources, and news


 Microbes: Microbe in the news

 Science News

 Science Daily


 European Space Agency

 Biology News Net

 Medline Bacterial Infections

 Center for Disease Control

 Texas Zoonosis Control

 The Virtual Museum of Bacteria

 Health24 New Zealand

 National Foundation for
Infectious Disease

Fungal & Parasitology

 CDC Parisitology Diagnostics

 Schistosomiasis - Life Cycle

 Aflatoxins (mycotoxins) from Aspergillus and Rhizopus, as discussed in class

 Gangrenous ergotism and St. Anthony's Fire

Clinical Stuff

 Med Line Search  Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR)
 The Kimball online textbook,
has great immunology information
  with an example discussion of apoptosis.
 Derek Wong's Great Virology Site!
 World of Microbes, sponsored by
the Department of Bacteriology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
 ACC Infectious Disease Research Links
 CDC- Disease and Travel  Microbes!
 The World Health Organization-( Clinical Disease)  World Wide Wounds
a list of articles discussing wounds and their treatments...
 The Wrong Diagnosis  Chamberlain's Clinical Page
 U. Alabama Clinical Resources  Paediatrics- Childhood Diseases
 The Rural Nurse Organization  The Doctor's Dr.

Cool Microscopy

 The NanoWorld Image database (cool!)  SEM Image Gallery at Museum of Science
 Museum of Science: Scanning Microscopy  Buckman Laboratories - some microscopy photos
 Molecular Expressions  Dennis Kunkel Microscopy inc., professional, commercial images

Various Useful Places

 ASM's Significant Events of the Last 125 years  The History of AIDs, NIH
 Virology Time Machine, by Dr. Alan Cann, University of Leicester  Antony van Leeuwenhoek, University of Amsterdam (1632-1723)
 Paul Ehrlich, The Nobel Foundation  Robert Koch, The Nobel Foundation
 Sir Alexander Flemming, The Nobel Foundation
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