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Goals and Objectives

Goal: 1.
Provide quality, theory based instructional modules to educators and students for utilization in multiple healthcare courses.

Goal: 2.
Allow educators to expand capacities to provide cost effective instruction to students utilizing technology and alternate pedagogies.

Goal: 3.
Evaluate effectiveness of Modules.

Goal: 4.
Identify direct and indirect cost reductions and potential savings as a result of course redesign.

Goal: 5.
Provide for sustainability of Dosage Calculation Module beyond project period.


RX success Objectives for submodules


Math Review Module- Jean Montgomery

Conversion Problems - Jean Montgomery

Dosage Problems - Richard R. Espinosa

Reconstitution Problems-E. Greenberg

Beginning IV Therapy and Flow Rate Problems-Elizabeth Bodman

Intermediate IV Therapy and Flow Rate Problems-Jean Montgomery

Advanced Multiple Factor IV Problems-Jean Montgomery

Specific Dosage Calculation Rules- Amie Bedgood

Alligations - Jason Sparks

Review dosage module (Reviewing all areas) - Elizabeth Bodman
-Review of all dosage problems