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Documents and Forms for Field Activities




Current versions of documents pertaining to field activities are given. Use only current forms and do not modify them except to fill them out as needed. These documents are listed in order of probable use.


Editable document versions [Microsoft Word and Rich Text Format] are available on Blackboard.


If you have questions about content or format, please contact Chris Cavalli, the Physics, Astronomy, and Engineering Safety Officer (


All forms are departmental forms unless otherwise indicated.



  1. ACC Request for Travel - ACC form - 08/04/2017
  2. Science Field Activity Plan 10/11/10
  3. Policies for Science Field Activities 08/18/10
  4. Student Emergency Information 07/12/10  
  5. Field Activity Waiver/Release of Liability/Acknowledgement of Policies - 08/18/10
  6. Hazard Assessment Form- Terrestrial Field Activity - 07/12/10
  7. Hazard Assessment Form - Aquatic Field Activity - 01/06/04
  8. Field Activity Administrative Procedures - Filling Out Forms 10/06/10  
  9. Hill Country Emergency Phone Numbers [currently available only on Blackboard]  
  10. GEOL 1403 & 1404 Field Trip Localities [currently available only on Blackboard]  
  11. Student Accident Claim - ACC form - 08/04/2017
  12. Supervisor's Injury/Illness Analysis and Prevention Report - ACC form - 08/04/2017
  13. Request for Petty Cash Reimbursement - ACC form - 08/04/2017

Updated 08/07/2017

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