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Student Safety Training


Training Instructions for Safety Rules and Information


All documents for Student Safety training have been posted here.  Editable versions in .doc and .rtf are also available on Blackboard.


For student safety training prior to doing labs, do the following:


  • Use the Safety Rules form for the correct lab-room.

  • The Safety Rules form with the blanks to be filled in should be given to the students, who will fill in the information as the instructor does the training.

  • After training the students, have them sign the Safety Contract. Send the completed original contract to the Physics, Astronomy, and Engineering Safety Officer, Chris Cavalli at CYP.

DO NOT HAND OUT THE FILLED IN ANSWER SHEET TO THE STUDENTS!  The answer sheet is only for use by the professor while doing the training.


If you have suggested revisions or questions, please contact Chris Cavalli [], the Physics< Astronomy, and Engineering Safety Officer.




Safety Training Documents



Austin Community College Physics, Astronomy, and Engineering Safety Contract


After doing safety training with your students for your lab (Physics, Astronomy, and Engineering Safety Rules and Information), have them sign this contract.  When completed, make a copy of the contract for your records and send the original to Chris Cavalli, the Physics, Astronomy, and Engineering Safety Coordinator, at CYP.




Safety Training Documents by Campus and Lab Room


Cypress Creek

Room 2236




Room 2116




Room 2228


Rio Grande

Room 108 (GEOL)


Room 326


Room 327



Round Rock

Room 2324




Room 2213


Generic Classroom Forms



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