How to Register and Enroll in Your MyEconLab Course

Welcome to MyEconLab! Your instructor has set up a MyEconLab course for you.
Miller: Economics Today: The Macro View 16e
Course Name: ECON 2301.34470.035 Fall 2011
Course ID:  XL0P-Z1ZF-701Z-8B12 (Note: "0" is zero, and "O" is the upper case letter O. Hopefully "1" and "I" can be distinguished.)

To join your instructor's course, please complete the following two steps:
1. REGISTER for MyEconLab, and, 2. ENROLL in your instructor's course

To register, you will need:

1. A valid e-mail address, and, 2. The access code that came with your MyEconLab Access Kit
If you don't have an access kit, you can purchase access online at
You will have the choice to purchase access with or without a full etext. Once enrolled in your professor's course, you will also have the option to purchase a discounted version of your text.

Step 1: Register for MyEconLab
1. Go to and click the Students button, in the Register section.
2. Follow the on-screen instructions for choosing author and title.
3. Choose Register with an Access Kit/Code if an access kit was included with your book. If you need to purchase access online, click Purchase Access.
4. Follow the instructions to set up your login and password and register for your course.

Note: Australian users, your registration steps may be different from above. Please visit for alternate instructions.

Step 2: Enroll in your instructor's course
1. Log in to MyEconLab at with your newly created Login Name and Password
2. Enter your Course ID:   XL0P-Z1ZF-701Z-8B12
If you purchased access, visit the Student Center inside your Instructor's Course for additional purchase options.

Note: If you are taking two MyEconLab courses simultaneously you will need two separate login accounts.

Need Help? For assistance, please visit