Strategic Enrollment Committee

The Strategic Enrollment Committee develops recommendations to present to the Chancellor’s Cabinet and Board of Trustees for review, discussion, and approval. 

Committee Chairs

  • Dr. Melissa Curtis | Associate Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management
  • Dr. Gretchen Riehl | Associate Vice Chancellor of Workforce Education
  • Jessica Vess | Associate Vice Chancellor of College Relations & Marketing

Committee Members

  • Erasmus Addae, AVC, Distance Education
  • Estrella Barrerra, Associate Dean, Health Sciences
  • Patty Behr, Regional Director, Admissions & Enroll. Operations/Outreach
  • Dr. FC Caranikas, Director, OIRA
  • Mark Cugini, Senior Analyst, Enrollment Management
  • Larry Davis, Chief Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Officer
  • Troy Defrates, Department Chair, Welding
  • Sam Echevarria-Cruz, Professor, Liberal Arts
  • Shamika Jackson, Instructional Analyst
  • Dr. Dorado Kinney, Executive Dean, Student Affairs
  • Glynis Miller, Registrar
  • Grant Potts, Department Chair, Humanities
  • Roxanne Royalty, Dean, Student Affairs
  • Jason Sanchez, Interim Director, High School Programs
  • David Zuniga, Director, Recruitment Services
  • Mison Zuniga, Associate Vice Chancellor, High School Programs.

High School-to-College Subcommittee

Commitee Co-Chairs

  • Sam Echevarria-Cruz, Liberal Arts
  • David Zuniga, Recruitment Services


  • Estrella Barrerra, Health Sciences
  • Mark Cugini, Enrollment Management
  • Candice Brown, Student Life
  • Javier Lara, Student Affairs Advising
  • Nancy Laudenslager, CE
  • Glynis Miller, Registrar
  • Belinda Pena, Financial Aid
  • Jason Sanchez, High School Programs
  • Nocomus Wilson, Enrollment Services

Adult-to-College Subcommittee

Commitee Co-Chairs

  • Dorado Kinney, Student Affairs
  • Grant Potts, Philosophy


  • Dr. Erasmus Addae, Distance Learning
  • Patty Behr, Enrollment Services
  • Dr. FC Caranikas, OIRA
  • Troy DeFrates, Welding
  • Kathy Dowdy, Adult Education
  • Courtney, Vasquez, Financial Aid
  • Roxane Royalty, Student Affairs
  • Jessica Vess, College Relations & Marketing