Ascender Events Calendar

Ascender events are held during the fall and spring semesters.

Spring 2020

Event Schedule
Location/Date & Time Description

Spring Semester Welcome

RVS, Rm. 1114:
Tuesday, Jan. 21, 12pm

HLC, Rm. 2216:
Tuesday, Jan 21, 12pm

HYS Rm. 1313:
Wednesday, Jan. 22, 9am

SAC, Rm. 1303:
Wednesday, Jan 22, 3pm

*Mandatory for students to attend

Ascender staff will visit classrooms at the beginning of English classes, will go over the spring calendar, give announcements and reminders. They will also take questions from students and take photos.


Motivational Conference

EVC, Bldg. 8000, Room 8500
Friday, February 7th

Register here to confirm your attendance. Must register by Feb. 3.

*Mandatory for students to attend
*Mentors are welcome to attend

Learn from artists, educators and leaders in our community about their life experiences. Get insight that will inspire you and challenge you to transform your views about college and life.

You will have the chance to ask questions to great experts and get information that will be helpful  on issues that affect Latinx students.

SEXucation SEXsion

RVS, Bldg. G, Room 8100
Thursday, February 13th

Register here to confirm your attendance.
Must register by Feb. 10.

Now that we got your attention, we are going to talk about the birds and the bees, and what goes on under the sheets!

This session will give you the chance to ask questions that you’d never dare ask before!

3 professionals will be presenting on their area of expertise, and they will also be answering all of your sex questions, concerns, and curiosities. 
College Tours

April 3, 8am-5:30pm

*Mandatory for students to attend.
*Optional for mentors to attend
As part of the transfer experience, students will have the opportunity to tour The University of Texas at Austin and Southwestern University. They will have an admission session and will receive valuable information on how to plan a transfer to a 4-year institution. Buses will be departing from NRG and SAC campuses.
Amigos in Ascender Club Events
Dates TBD

*Only available to students and club members

Ascenders will have their biweekly meeting where they discuss their volunteer events, fundraising events, and field trips. They will get guidance and support from their Club Advisor, Megan Diaz.
Scholarship Essay Session
Feb. 28, 12pm-2pm
HYS 1218
SAC 1312

Mar. 6, 12pm-2pm
RVSG 9108
HLC Accelerator

*Mandatory for students to attend
Students will learn about scholarship opportunities, and will have the chance to write an essay(s) for these scholarships. They will also learn how to apply to several local and national scholarships. They will receive guidance from Financial Aid Specialists.
Mock interview and Career Day

Apr. 6--10:30am, HLC 2210
Apr. 6--12pm, HYS  
Apr. 7--10:30am, SAC 1202
Apr. 8--10:30am, RVS 2211

*Mandatory activity for students and mentors
Practice your interview skills with a mock interview. Gain useful and important information that will help you apply for jobs and get familiar with the hiring process. This will also be useful in transferring to a 4-year university. Dress in business attire and prepare your resume for this session. Participation will earn you to be entered in the raffle of a gift certificate.

DACA Session

Saturday, April 18 (tentatively)
EVC 8500

*Open to the public, everyone is welcome to attend

Ascender will partner with American Gateways to provide information on DACA, plus the opportunity to renew your DACA permit.

Thursday, May 7
EVC 8500

*Mandatory activity for students and mentors
*Family members are invited.
Celebrate the culmination of your first year at ACC!

All of the participants of the Ascender family will celebrate the culmination of the students first year of college.
Professors and staff will be recognized during the ceremony, and students will receive the Ascender Graduation stole, during a festive environment.