Join Us to Accelerate Your University Transfer Goals

Students of the ACC Ascender Program.

The name Ascender comes from the acronym ASCEND: Achieving, Student, Confidence, Encouraging New Dreams (a name selected by ACC students). This program combines accelerated instruction in English, academic counseling, writing assistance and mentoring by members of the community. Participating students will first earn an Associate degree, then transfer to a four-year university and continue on the path to completing a Bachelor degree.

CATCH THE NEXT, INC. is a college readiness and completion organization empowering students to catch their college and career dreams. CTN’s focuses on creating a culture of evidence and engagement leading to college completion. CTN was established in 2009 to improve the educational outcomes of Latino and underserved student populations throughout the state.

Students belong to a cohort, they develop friendships and a sense of community through culturally enriching activities, college tours, motivational sessions from national speakers and community leaders who can help them build valuable professional networks.

What happens in the program?

You receive academic support throughout your college career until you earn an associate degree and transfer to a four-year university.

In the first semester you are part of cohort and take the following classes:

  • English Composition (ENGL 1301) paired with an intense writing class (INRW 0230)
  • Effective Learning: Strategies for College Success (EDUC 1300)

In your second semester you continue in the cohort taking,

  • English Composition ENGL 1302
  • United States Government GOVT 2305

Students will:

  • Receive one-on-one mentoring with community leaders, professors, and counselors.
  • Connect with students who share similar interest and goals.
  • Participate in classes and college activities that have a multicultural emphasis.

Who can apply?

All Degrees and Majors/Areas of Study are able to join the program! Any student is welcome, regardless of age, race, gender, etc.

How do I apply?

Anyone interested in joining Ascender can complete our Student Interest Form or email A team member will be happy to assist you.

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What You need:

  • ACC Application and Acceptance
  • Ascender Application
  • Interview with Ascender advisor

For STEM and Non-STEM students
Writing: 347 with an essay score of 3 or higher
Reading: 346

Note: While joining the program, you agree to participate in all events and be involved with your mentor, as this is a commitment. A commitment form will be signed prior to joining the program.

Ready, Set, Ascender!