ACC Graduation ceremony

What is BRASS?

Black Representation of Achievement Through Student Support (BRASS) is designed to support the unique needs and interests of Black students in the higher education environment. BRASS is designed to produce a pipeline of successful future professionals who are Black representations of achievement prepared to be the next generation of corporate and community leaders.

Through cohort grouping, mentoring, and active support services, we want to embrace and celebrate Black students attending ACC, making it the best possible experience for them. We have learned a sense of belonging is an essential factor in student success, so we are aiming to create a family of learners. This is especially important right now, given the ways that Covid-19 has changed the manner in which teaching and learning are taking place. We want to individualize our supportive approaches for each student and ensure student goals are achieved.

What can students expect?

The program is dedicated to unite students of African descent to create a safe place of community and support at Austin Community College. The intent is strategic—that is, to develop a vigorous group of academically primed, career-bound, and culturally responsive people who are representations of Black student achievement. Students are also presented with principles and tools to incorporate in their daily routine that will strengthen their ability to address personal and collective challenges rooted in the experiences of many black college students locally and across the country.  

This will be accomplished through:

  • Learning with a cohort of peers similarly committed to achievement
  • Comprehensive guidance, academic support, and referrals
  • Academic and personal workshops
  • Unique leadership and mentoring opportunities
  • Milestone celebrations

Who is eligible to apply:

Individuals currently enrolled at Austin Community College who are committed to receiving “brass-solid” knowledge, tools, and opportunities that allow them to become progressive Black representations of achievement through student support.

How do I apply?

For more information or to get involved, please complete this quick interest form and a team member will be happy to assist you. Or, if you have any questions, email us at