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Students: | 512-223-0399 | Appointment Request

Employers: | 512-223-0399

North Region (CYP, NRG, RRC, SGC)

Shantelle Harper
Career & Transfer Specialist

Dawn Allison
Career Counselor

Central Region (EGN, EVC, HLC, RGC)

Edgar Medina
Career & Transfer Specialist

Abigail Garza (HLC & NRG)
Career & Transfer Specialist

Shun-Heng (Henry) Tsai
Career Counselor

South Region (SAC, RVS, HYS)

Sarah Villarreal
Career & Transfer Specialist

Joyce Pope-Cain
Career Counselor

District Team

Trish Welch
Director, Career Resources

Sandy Clevinger
Career Resources Coordinator

Ruthie Sykes
Program Assistant - Employer Relations


Note: We are a district-wide service and host services at all campuses at ACC. There is not currently a Career Services Center, but services are available on every campus. We hope to have our first center open at the Highland Campus in 2020. Our staff travel to the campuses in their region based on student appointment requests. Please see the event calendar for walk-in opportunities and locations at your campus. To schedule an appointment at your campus, please complete the Appointment Request form.