Career Services Team

Career & Transfer Specialists are available to assist with your job search, connect you with employment resources, and help you navigate the changing job market.

Our Career Counselors are licensed professionals trained to help individuals navigate change, identify individual strengths, cope with complex emotions, and create a plan of action. To learn more about in-depth career counseling support, click here.

Contact Career Services

Students: | 512-223-0399 | Appointment Request
Employers: | 512-223-0399

North Region (CYP, NRG, RRC, SGC)

Shantelle Harper
Career & Transfer Specialist

Ram Vela (NRG & HLC)
Career & Transfer Specialist

Dawn Allison
Career Counselor

Central Region (EGN, EVC, HLC, RGC)

Edgar Medina
Career & Transfer Specialist

Shun-Heng (Henry) Tsai
Career Counselor

South Region (SAC, RVS, HYS)

Abigail Garza 
Career & Transfer Specialist

Joyce Pope-Cain
Career Counselor

Digital Skills for Today's Jobs

A. Pamela Saez, MA
Director, Digital Skills for Today's Jobs

Katie McClendon
Supervisory Coach - Strategies for Today's Jobs

Kelly Escamilla
Program Coordinator - Strategies for Today's Jobs

Sandra Carruthers
Trainer- Strategies for Today's Jobs

Kathy Lansford
Trainer- Strategies for Today's Jobs

Raka Bhaduri
Trainer - Strategies for Today’s Jobs

Rebecca Prejean
Trainer - Strategies for Today’s Jobs

District Team

Trish Welch
Director, Career Resources

Sandy Clevinger
Career Resources Coordinator

Ruthie Sykes
Program Assistant - Employer Relations



Note: We are a district-wide service and host services virtually for all campuses at ACC.