Refunds & Disbursements

Fall 2021 Texas Public Education Grant (TPEG)

If you have accepted a Texas Public Education Grant for Fall 2021 and are registered in at least 6 credit hours (on your degree plan), those funds will not be released until Sept 1st.

If you followed the financial aid steps and accepted your award, you should begin receiving funds at the start of the semester. ACC directly pays your tuition and fees from your financial aid award; refunds are processed the following week.

ACC partners with BankMobile to deliver your refund. It is important to choose a refund delivery preference whether or not you expect a refund. 

Click here to select your refund preference with BankMobile.

REMINDER:If the amount of your accepted financial aid award is not enough to cover your outstanding tuition and fees, please pay the difference or set up a payment plan by the next payment deadline in order to avoid being dropped from your courses.

Disbursement schedule

More Information About Your Financial Aid Disbursement:

Flex Entry Courses

Students enrolled in a course that has an end date past the regular semester (fall, spring or summer) will not be able to receive additional financial aid for the following semester until those classes end and are successfully completed. Example: 16-week session class with this date 09/22/14-02/15/15. If you register for the spring 2015 semester, financial aid will not disburse funds for the spring until you successfully complete fall flex class(es) and grades are posted after 02/15/15.


Instructors must certify your class attendance in order to qualify for financial aid. You will be directed to repay financial aid for any uncertified class attendance. Please contact your instructor for any issues regarding class certification.

How much you receive

The amount of financial aid you are eligible to receive depends on the number of credits you take. Your initial financial aid offer is based on enrollment in 12 credits. The amount changes if you take fewer hours. The final amount is based on your enrollment on the census date for your semester or session.

Federal Pell grants may be increased, reduced, or canceled based on your enrollment. Your Federal Direct Student Loan eligibility will not be changed unless you are enrolled in fewer than 6 credits.

Financial Aid Offer vs. Actual Award

Your actual award is based on your enrollment at census date for your term. Overpayment resulting from reduced credits at the census date must be returned to the college.

Program Award offer 12+ credits 9-11 credits 6-8 credits 3-5 credits
Pell $2,888 $2,888 $2,166 $1,444 $722
FSEOG $300 $300 $300









TEOG Grant $1,368 $1,368 $1,026 $684 $0
Work-study $2,560 $2,560 $2,560 $2,560 $0

Financial aid refunds

Funds that remain after deducting what you owe are refunded to you. Select your refund preference now.

If you do not plan to attend ACC

If you do not plan to attend ACC, it is your responsibility to drop your classes before they begin or you will be responsible for repaying any tuition and fees.

Unused scholarships

Contact the scholarship coordinator if you do not plan to continue your studies and would like unused funds returned to the donor.

Scholarship limitations

If your scholarship guidelines do not allow refunds, ACC moves unused funds to the next semester or returns them to the outside donor.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education students receive financial aid refunds by mail at the address on file in the Admissions & Records Office. Check Self-Service to confirm your address is correct.