Graduate Stories

Meet Ashley S.

Ashley Silva"It's kind of surreal. School has been such a constant thing in my life. I never thought I would graduate, let alone with honors, at the top of my class, and as the Chancellor Student Achievement Award winner. It is an emotional moment for me."

Ashley S. graduates spring 2021 with an associate degree in Surgical Technology. She enrolled at ACC in 2017. During her time at the college, Ashley took advantage of just about every free student support resource the college offered, including child care, financial aid, scholarships, and additional financial support through ACC's partnership with Capital Idea. Thanks to this support, Ashley will graduate debt-free. She will start her career as a Surgical Technician with St. David’s Healthcare. The educational journey isn't entirely done for Ashley. She plans to continue going to school and wants to earn a doctorate in health sciences. Read more.

Sofia T. 

Sofia T."I'm never taking this cap and gown off...ever! I don't know what's next, but I'll likely be coming back to ACC for more." Watch her video. 





Meet Tommy A.

Tommy A."I am proud to be the first person to graduate college in my immediate family and set a good example for my son and my little sisters. I went back to school to prove that I could and show them that it's never too late.”

Tommy A. graduates spring 2021 with a degree in Construction Management and will transfer to Texas State University. "I will be transferring to Texas State to be a part of the Owls program. I am proud to be the first person to graduate college in my immediate family and am glad to set a good example for my son and my little sisters. I went back to school to prove that I could, and want to thank my mom for always pushing me forward. Life hasn’t always been easy. I lost my dad at 10 to a home invasion and had to be man of the house. Through all the hardships I’ve always had my mom and my sisters and to have the chance to be a good father to my son is everything to me and I’m happy to be able to achieve this accomplishment and show them it’s never too late." Watch his video.

Meet Martina B.

Martina B."I don't think any of us wanted to complete nursing school during a healthcare crisis that is still claiming lives, but I know that I am personally beyond grateful to have gotten the opportunity to see how much a group of college students can accomplish when they mutually support each other and their communities"

Martina B. graduates spring 2021 with an associate of applied science in professional nursing. "I have been taking classes at ACC intermittently since 2007. I completed the core curriculum and prerequisites for my undergraduate degree and finished my Bachelor's at UT Austin. I chose to return to ACC for my licensure program because of the flexibility and affordability of course work and overall diversity of my classmates. I am currently employed as a contractor for ASHwell, a local nonprofit specializing in sexual health and wellness for communities affected by chronic conditions like HIV and hepatitis. I was offered and accepted a position as a full-time RN once I graduate. My cohort of nursing peers and I were completing our clinical hours at a local hospital when COVID-19 patients were first diagnosed in Austin. In the span of one week, we went from looking forward to Spring Break, or in my case working 10 days non-stop during SXSW, to figuring out how we would survive long enough to finish the semester. Amidst the background of a spreading global pandemic, I experienced a forged family coming together. I helped my classmates and professors coordinate with each other to ensure that everybody had masks, hand sanitizer, food, water, and even toilet paper. We shared tablets, old phones, and internet passwords. We started text message chains to swap breaking news, latest CDC guidelines, and ridiculous memes." 

Meet Jarret S.

Jarret S.Jarret S. is an Early College High School student and graduates spring 2021 with an associate degree in general studies. "I chose ACC because of their partnership with my High School to allow me to take classes while in High School. I have been accepted to Texas A&M University at College Station for class of 2025 and will be majoring in Biomedical Sciences in Veterinary Medicine. I would like to say thank you to the staff in the Learning Lab for helping me when I needed additional guidance with understanding the lecture. I (also) would like to recognize Professor Trower. English was not a strong subject for me, but through the course discussions and his being available after class to discuss the readings, the subject became easier. I appreciate him for that gift.



Desiree K.

Desiree K."I didn't think it would be this fast and this fun. I was really nervous whenever I began nursing school, and I made so many friends. It's going to be bittersweet, because I'm going to miss them so much." Watch her video