Commencement Traditions

Honoring Veterans

Each ACC commencement includes a special recognition of graduating veterans. During the ceremony, veterans will receive a commemorative medallion in appreciation of their service. A speaker of note will offer words of esteem and ask veterans to stand for acknowledgement.
“Veterans and service members have done so much for this country, and we owe them our gratitude,” says Dr. Richard Rhodes, ACC president/CEO. “I am so proud of our veterans and all ACC graduates, and we enjoy celebrating with them and their families.”

Guide to academic regalia

Graduates at ACC commencement wear tassels that represent their area of study:

  • Sciences: Golden Yellow
  • Arts: White
  • GED: Black

The regalia worn by faculty at commencement reflect an academic tradition that dates back centuries. Colors and trims indicate an individual’s alma mater, degree, and field of study. Generally, these subject areas are associated with the following colors:

  • Agriculture: Maize
  • Arts, Letters, Humanities: White
  • Commerce, Accountancy, Business: Drab
  • Dentistry: Lilac
  • Economics: Copper
  • Education: Light Blue
  • Engineering: Orange
  • Fine Arts, Architecture: Brown
  • Forestry: Russet
  • Journalism: Crimson
  • Law: Purple
  • Library Science: Lemon
  • Medicine: Green
  • Music: Pink
  • Nursing: Apricot
  • Oratory (Speech): Silver Gray
  • Pharmacy: Green
  • Philosophy: Dark Blue
  • Physical Education: Sage Green
  • Public Administration: Peacock Blue
  • Public Health: Salmon Pink
  • Science: Golden Yellow
  • Social Work: Citron
  • Theology: Scarlet
  • Veterinary Science: Gray

What to Wear

Commencement is a celebration and ACC candidates are requested to dress accordingly. Keep in mind, standing and walking in long lines, as well as crossing a large stage are all a part of the ceremony.  Participants should wear medium-length dark skirts or slacks under the required black gown and low to medium-heeled dark shoes. A white or light color dress shirt and tie gives the neck line of the gown a polished look. A detachable white collar is an option when purchasing a gown.

Participants may decorate their mortar board to express themselves or help family pick them out of the processional. Please use appropriate language and avoid political statements.