Honors Course: ENGL 2332 – World Literature I

“Sense, Sex & Transcendence in the Ancient World”

Sensuality, sexuality, and mysticism form the core of many ancient belief systems.  The course will draw on some of the oldest literary traditions as we explore food, wine, intoxication, eroticism, lust, and mysticism as reflected in the literatures of Ancient Greece, Egypt, Japan, China, India, and Europe.  We’ll divide the semester into three sections; Section I:  The Senses, Food, & Wine (experiences of the body); Section II:  Sex (sensuality and sexuality seen in the relationship of the body and soul); and Section III:  Transcendence (the ascension of the spirit).  Students will explore topics of their own choosing after grounding their understanding in the texts of world masters including Rumi, Sappho, Li Bai, Sei Shonagon, Ovid, John Donne, Chang Tzu, The Bhagavad Gita, and Dante.