Honors Scholars

Students who wish to expand and enhance their Honors experience may apply to become Honors Scholars. In order to fulfill the the requirements for the Honors Scholar tier, students must:

  • Take at least 9 hours of Honors course credit
  • Maintain a 3.5 GPA
  • Engage in leadership activities, which may include holding officer positions in student organizations (HSO, PTK, SGA, etc.); serving as an Honors ambassador; completing UT’s Youth and Community Studies (YCS) Fellows Program; or taking Honors SPCH 1311, Introduction to Speech: "Developing Leadership Communication Competencies."
  • Engage in service activities, which may include participating in specific service projectsperforming service hours (12 hours minimum) with ACC’s non-profit partners, or taking service-learning classes, such as Honors SPCH 1311: "Identity, Sex, Gender, and Culture in Communication" or SPCH 1315: "Environment, Rights, Humanitarianism and the Rhetoric of Change." Honors students may also serve as peer tutors to ACC's Integrated Reading and Writing students, and as mentors to area 4th graders through our partnership with Academy 4. For more information about ACC's non-profit partners, visit ACC’s volunteer hub, which offers both in-person and remote opportunities.  

Students who have fulfilled these requirements receive recognition on their transcripts and honor cords for graduation ceremonies. They are also eligible to apply for the Honors Program scholarship.

To register your intention to become an Honors Scholar, please contact honors@austincc.edu